II-"Payoff Risk Slight Under Policy Terms" - Linda Solomon and Carolyn Shoulders - Nashville Tennessean

Second in a series

Byline: Linda Solomon, Carolyn Shoulders; 1978-08-21; The Nashville Tennessean; pages 1, 4

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 "If Charles Sims loses a foot in an accident while riding in a car down a highway, Liberty National Insurance Co. will award him $500.  "But if he is riding in a ruck at the time of such an accident, he is out of luck. Liberty National will not pay. . . . "

Description:Thousands of Tennesseans are "protected" by industrial insurance accident policies with limitations so narrow that most owners probably will never get back any of the money they have paid companies. It's one of the reasons these policies bring tremendous profits to many of the nation's major insurers.

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