"Campus Favorite Is Incarcerated Spends Time in the County Jail But! Lo! It Was For Science Sake" - Elsie McCormick - The Oakland Tribune

Miss Elsie McCormick, University Girl, Who Went to Jail to Gain Experience For Sociological Work

Byline: Elsie McCormick; 1916-09-08; The Oakland Tribune; pages 1

Report: Jail Time Undercover

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Miss Elsie McCormick, one of the most prominent girls graduating with last year's University of California class, has been in jail. Far from being shunned for that fact by her campus acquaintances to whom she has returned for graduate work, Miss McCormick is being roundly praised for her ingenuity and pluck. For it was in pursuance of her sociological studies that the young graduate not only got herself arrested in San Francisco, but spent many days in the city and county bastille, studying prison conditions in general, and women prisoners in particular. For the period of her incarceration her daily companions were two counterfeiters, an embezzler, a perjurer and a lady burglar.