Kansas City - "What Happens When a Girl Goes Job Hunting in a Strange City?: Kansas City" - Catharine Brody - Buffalo Morning Express

Byline: Catharine Brody; 1924-02-03; The Buffalo Sunday Express; pages 3

Report: Job Hunting Series - Catharine Brody

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"All rings are not telephone rings." -- from the Pilot Light, published by the Kansas City Association of Telephone Employees. There, gentle subscriber, you have is the pilot girl's motto, what, is wrong with the telephone service. That is, why the telephone companies keep alluring advertisements always to type and employment managers always busy. That is really why you get wrong numbers and disconnects and why you have to fuss and fume at operators who seem to be attending their grandmothers' funerals at the other end. All rings particularly to a telephone girl, are not telephone rings. Statistics show, I have been told, that more telephone girls get married every year than any other class of working girls.

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