Salt Lake City - "What Happens To A Girl Seeking Employment In A Strange City: Salt Lake City" - Catharine Brody - Buffalo Morning Express

Byline: Catharine Brody; 1924-02-17; The Buffalo Sunday Express; pages 2, 6

Report: Job Hunting Series - Catharine Brody

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"Once upon a time, I, in common with a good many other people used to say when I read these stories of starving girls "But why can't they go into domestic service?" I used to say it triumphantly, even querulously, why not? Look at the seductive advertisements with offers of 'good homes.' Good homes. Good home-cooked food. Wages clear at the end of the month. No slack times, no holiday cutting into the pay envelopes. Very little danger o f'firing.' and such a swell chance of marrying the iceman of the grocery man, even the policeman on the beat and, as plaintive housewives have wept, 'when she got married, she got married from their house, and they gave her her outfit. She was a good worker. They don't make such no adays."

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