"Charles Denies Intention to Seize Throne By Force" - Dorothy Thompson - International News Service

Charles Denies Intention To Seize Throne by Force: former Emperor Says He Planned Peaceful Return to Hungary and Tried to Prevent Bloodshed--Ordered His Forces Not to Fire. Awaits Fate Calmly With Zita

'I had tea at Esterhazy castle yesterday afternoon with former Emperor Charles and former Empress Zita and heard from the lips of the king and the members of his entourage the full story of his unsuccessful attempt to regain the iron crown of St. Stefan and the collapse of the last hope of the Hapsburgs. I also transmitted a reassuring message from the royal couple to their children in Switzerland telling them they will not have to worry. "Maybe the public opinion of the world believes I am responsible for this war. But I would not spill a drop of Hungarian blood for a thousand thrones, said Charles.