Los Angeles (concluded) - "What Happens When A Girl Goes Job Hunting in a Strange City?: Los Angeles (concluded)" - Catharine Brody - Buffalo Morning Express

Byline: Catharine Brody; 1924-03-16; The Buffalo Sunday Express; pages 2, 6

Report: Job Hunting Series - Catharine Brody

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"There was a long interval between the appearance of the extras on the lot at Culver city that day and I went into the highways and byways routing out girls who could tell me about an extra's life. Curled up on a bench beside the high wooden platform built for the director to shoot a scene from later on was a girl with long hair and a small wast. She sat up and showed enormous Spanish eyes and the long hair parted in the middle and arranged loosely at the sides. She was seventeen and had studied to be a pianist. Later she did play vivacious Spanish music with the Mexican musicians. She had stumbled into the movies two weeks previously by sheer luck and had no particular interest in them."