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"The Best Little Hell House in Texas" - Vice - Harmon Leon

 ". . .  'When the visitors come in,' Brother Thomas says, leading me to the room where a fake abortion performed by actors using grocery store meat to simulate a discarded fetus is supposed to scare kids away from premarital sex, 'what I need you to do is yell in a strong voice, 'Watch the steps!' If we don't say, 'Watch your step,' and they fall, we're liable."

Vice  2013-10-31

"Undercover in the Theatre: The 'Sexy Lord' of Abortion" - Anas Aremeyaw Anas - Modern Ghana

". . .Having gathered information about the existence of the 'illegal abortion hub,' operated by Drah, we [the Special Investigations Team] of the New Crusading Guide, headed by our ace undercover reporter Anas Aremeyaw Anas, went in to ascertain the truth, during which time we managed to plant our cameras in the 'theatre'.The videos that we got were simply unbelievable. It was a peek into the activities of a man who has for over a decade demeaned womanhood, flouted laws of the land and supervised numerous abortions – some of which have gone horribly wrong leading to complications and death of clients in extreme cases. . ."

XV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"My pilgrimmage of disgrace is ended. I have consigned the habilaments of my woe, together with the collection of professional cards accumulated en voyage, to the funeral pyre and step forth thankful to have escaped with my life from the whole array of remorseless vivisectors with whetted knife and gleaming steel; steel in their hand and steal in their mind. The effect on my mind I need not describe. . . ."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-26

XXV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"From the time of creation women have been saddled with the whole responsibility for every species of wrong. Men have always been the moral teachers. That is how I account for such loose ideas of right and wrong throughout humanity."

Chicago Daily Times  1889-01-05

XV-"Infanticide - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

Chicago Daily Times  1889-01-05

XXIV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"I am heart and soul against this diploma-made system of medical practice. I hope to see the time when a board of the best physicians of the state will require written examinations of every candidate for degrees, that examination be type-written, so no possible favor can be shown."

Chicago Daily Times  1889-01-04

XXIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"I have been much interested in the Infanticide articles that have appeared in your fearless journal from various parts of the country. The plea that infanticide will disappear from this free country when the ranks of medical men have been expunged of ignoramuses and the standard of education raised to a height which would meet the approbation of the most sanguine educator meets its refutation in those two facts."

Chicago Daily Times  1889-01-03

XVII-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"There should be incorporated in the law a clause making it imperative on the state board to revoke the license of any physician convicted on the charge of committing abortion or planning or consenting to do the same."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-28

XXII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"We need a law that will give the board of examiners power to revoke a license for cause and that will not compel it to give a license on a diploma. We also need a law that will put these abortionists out of the way; expel them for agreeing to perform or aid in bringing about an abortion, and that will punish women for the same thing also."

Chicago Daily Times  1889-01-02

XXI-"Infanticide: Seeking the Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"I am in favor of the most stringent laws that can be passed for the punishment of abortionists. Educate the people to a higher standard of morality on this subject, making the enormity of the crime more profound, and there will be a reward worthy the effort."

Chicago Daily Times  1889-01-01

XX-"Infanticide: Seeking the Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"At the regular monthly meeting of the Cook county cabinet of the National union in Washington hall Saturday evening a motion was introduced directing the committee of medical examiners to investigate the charges made by The Chicago Times against certain physicians who are members of the National union and if found true such members be expelled from the order."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-31

XIX-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Springfield, Ill., Dec. 28--Great excitement has been created at the capital of Illinois by THE TIMES' disclosures on the enormous prevalence of infanticide, and many conjectures are indulged in as to what action will probably be taken by the state board of health and the coming legislature to suppress this great evil of the age. It is known that Dr. Rausch of the state board of health has had various consultations with different members of that body, but up to this time the board has given no indications as to the probable course it will pursue. THE TIMES' representative called at the office of the state board of health today and discovered Dr. Rausch in the act of reading THE TIMES' most recent revelations ... "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-30

XVIII-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. Charles Gilman Smith said: "Stirring this matter up is bound to do good. It can't help it, I read Dr. Belfield's lottor, and I think it's recommendations very good, but of course the practice can never be stopped while there is a demand. So long as abortionists are patronized they will exist in the lower grade of the profession."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-29

XVI-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Such statements, sent for no selfish purpose, carry strong truth with them. The balance of judgment is certainly in favor of a place where unfortunates will be safe from doctors."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-27

XIV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"THE TIMES has gone far enough in the publication of these exposures to convince the most skeptical that it has aimed at the performance of a work which shall not be of a fleeting character. True there has been much of the sensational connected with this series of articles, but it could not have been otherwise. It is impossible to print anything of great public interest that is not tinctured more or less with sensationalism . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-25

XIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"THE TIMES has gone far enough in the publication of these exposures to convince the most skeptical that it has aimed at the performance of a work which shall not be of a fleeting character. True there has been much of the sensational connected with this series of articles, but it could not have been otherwise. It is impossible to print anything of great public interest that is not tinctured more or less with sensationalism. . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-24

XII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"...The work of exposure is not more than half-done. The pressure upon the columns of THE TIMES is so great from day to day that it is impossible to give more than a few specimen visits. Besides, it is necessary or at least advisable that as those cases are published the public may have an opportunity of digesting them thoroughly. To publish the list complete would have the effect of contesting the poular mid, the matter would soon blow over, and perhaps in a short time be forgotten."The newspaper instituted the investigation not for the purpose of creating a sensation but a mere performance of duty from which it felt, in view of the testimony sent in by reputable physicians from time to time, it could not shrink, nor is it the intention of THE TIMES now to permit this matter to drop until the real purposes for which the crusade was inaugurated shall have been consummated. One of these purposes will be found in an editorial in THE TIMES of today. It is believed that the honest people of Chicago will provide without further delay for a lying-in hospital, where girls in disgrace or married women in poverty may find a refuge in case of necessity. Another object in view is an amendment to the state law relating to medical colleges which will make legal the revocation of licenses issued to doctors after they shall have committed an offense of a criminal nature. Another is the creation of a widespread interest in a subject which demands of every honorable man and woman and every lover of this republic the most thoughtful attention that they can bestow upon it, with the view of driving out or at least checking to a great extent the monstrous social evil which if allowed to increase in the future as it has in the past, will result in the demoralization and the degeneration of the American people."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-23

XI-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"THE TIMES has evidence of one of the most damnable cases of abortion that could possibly be imagined. IT is undoubtedly, only one of many such and shows more than anything which could be said just how far the villainy of a doctor will extend in order to obtain patients when he enters into this practice of crime, cruelty and death."In the letter of Dr. P.H. Cronin, published Thursday, occurred this sentence: "'One of the men mentioned by you is known to have performed an abortion at the command of a husband despite the supplication of the poor mother that her offspring be spared.' . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-22

X-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Had Dr. A. B. Bausman obeyed his first inclination he would have shaken off the temptation. Asit was he dallied fatally and when he attempted to cast it off it had taken and his case was a straight one. He thought a little while, changed his chair, breathed very hard, started to say he could not, got as far as to say he did not think he could."'Why?' I asked...."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-21

IX-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"...The question naturally arises, 'How far can this investigation go?' It is developing from day to day to such an extent that where to stop is becoming a problem."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-20

VIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. C.C.P. Silva, the surgeon of hte police department who has attracted some attention in the last few days from his prominence in the infanticide articles in THE TIMES, was yesterday summarily dismissed from the public service by order of Mayor Roche. So far as the mayor was concerned, it was a very quiet proceeding, for as near as could be learned he simply sent for Supt. Hubbard and told him to inform the doctor that his services were no longer needed in the department, and that his name had been dropped from the city's pay-roll. The cause of his dismissal was, of course, the position he had been placed in by the investigations now being prosecuted by THE TIMES, and he may be said to have been a victim of his own conduct. . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-19

VII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Will they or their friends claim that I took unfair advantage of them? How an they? Could I possibly have pleaded as hard as a woman who was really introuble? I could not. I have learned in this newspaper work to dissemble to seem one thing and be another -- and I think I have learned it well. But I cannot feel what I am not. It requires Amelie Rives [ed: prolific poet, novelist] to do that and I am no phenomenal genius. . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-18

VI-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"It has been noticed by readers of The TImes that while some of the physicians already approached declined to commit child murder themselves they very kindly suggested the names of other practitioners who would be accommodating in that direction. . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-17

V-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

" ... The frightful spectacle of a physician sitting calmly in his office and telling how in consideration of a fee, he would butcher the legitimate or the illegitimate offspring of a mother, is not one easily forgotten. . . . Barbarous! No, for the barbarian does not do this . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-16

IV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The Girl Reporter's Story: She Visits Dr. Emile Siegmund and Tells How She was Received: In company with my reportorial comrade, who went in the guise of 'my friend,' I started forth to test experimentally what treatment a girl whose chastity had been blighted but who was not yet publicly disgraced would receive from phyisicians in the city. "My story was a simple one. My home was in another city, where no one, not even my parents, knew of my shame. My purpose was to conceal it from them. Consequently, I had come to the city ostensibly to study art, but intending to undergo any medical treatment assured to be safe that promised release from the conspicuousness of guilt. . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-15

III-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"There are 263 midwives mentioned in the last city directory, and there are probably more than 300 in the city, and a large number of these were visited. In no case was any indignation expressed at the proposition made. All of them knew how it could be done safely. And while a few, not more than five or six, refused to commit themselves, all gave as a reason for not practicing abortion that it was liable to get them into trouble. The terrors of the law, which they spoke of as being in the way of a most philanthropic profession, seemed to be the only check on a universal practice of abortion among all the midwives visited."

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-14

II-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"...She appeared to be under 40 and was intelligent and disposed to be very cautious until the reporter made known his mission in a straightforward, pathetic manner. he came to secure a place where a young lady relative must be saved from the disgrace that would fall upon her and a proud, happy family if she were permitted to become a mother. She could not remain in the city till nature made her a mother in due time and give birth to the child in the usual way. Nature must be assisted by one of the numerous methods scientific people like the madame know so well. . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-13

I-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Well, the TIMES has found it necessary to make an investigation into the condition of affairs in Chicago, and the result will be laid before its readers. Horrible crimes are being perpetrated here daily. The victims are the unborn or the born babes of mothers, married and single. They tell no tales. There are no coroner's inquests. They are disposed of so quietly that they do not cause a ripple in the social stream. Prominent physicians and well-known midwives are engaged to commit murders and they commit them without compunction of conscience. Abortions are performed for a price by some of the leading physicians. There are specialists in this line who will choke the life out of a babe at its entrance into this value of ears. The TIMES never publishes anything on hearsay, and never charges a crime upon men or women without giving names and addresses. "In the course of the investigation, some startling, shocking truths will be told. The TIMES has undertaken to crush out a fiendish practice and if a number of people who have heretofore been considered respectable, but who by the most abominable and villainous of practices have subjected themselves to public . . . "

Chicago Daily Times  1888-12-12

VIII-"The Evil of the Age" - Augustus St. Clair - New York Times

"JACOB ROSENZWEIG, the abortionist doctor, charged with the homicide of the unfortunate MISS BOWLSBY, of Paterson, N.J., was yesterday brought before Judge CARDOZO, of the Supreme Court, on a motion to admit him to bail. . . . "

The New York Times  1871-09-08

VI-"The Evil of the Age" - Augustus St. Clair - New York Times

"... She was a young girl whose life had apparently never been darkened, and upon whom the breath of suspicion had never fallen. Moving in respectable society, and having relatives in the highest circles, she was everywhere received as an ornament and a delight. . . ."

The New York Times  1871-09-01

IV-"The Evil of the Age" - Augustus St. Clair - New York Times

The New York Times  1871-08-29

III-"The Evil of the Age" - Augustus St. Clair - New York Times

The New York Times  1871-08-28

II-"The Evil of the Age" - Augustus St. Clair - New York Times

The New York Times  1871-08-27

I-"The Evil of the Age" - Augustus St. Clair - New York Times

"The enormous amount of medical malpractice that exists and flourishes, almost unchecked in the City of New York, is a theme for most serious consideration. Thousands of human beings are thus murdered before they have seen the light of this world, and thousands upon thousands more of adults are irremediably ruined in constitution, health and happiness. So secretly are these crimes committed and so crafily do the perpetrators inveigh their victims, that it is next to impossible to obtain evidence and witnesses. Facts are so artfully concealed from the public mind, and appearances so carefully guarded, that very meagre outlines of the horrible truth have thus far been disclosed. But could even a portion of the facts that have been detected in frightful profusion, by the agents of the TIMES, be revealed in print, in their hideous truth, the reader would shrink from the appalling picture. . . "

The New York Times  1871-08-23

Reaction: "Health Chief Defends His Clinic Curbs" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

The director of the Illinois Public Health Department conceded Monday that his agency "might have been more aggressive" in investigating abortion clinics, but defended the overall regulation of medical facilities.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-12-05

"Profiteering Shocks These Abortion Pioneers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

The chaplain whose search for competent abortionists circled the globe. The physician who led the first national debate on ending all abortion laws. The attorney who filed the suit that first legalized abortion in Illinois. The feminist with a conscience - but no medical degree - who performed dozens of abortions in friends' bedrooms. Together, they and others like them pioneered the way for legalized abortion in Illinois.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-12-03

"Hospital Abortion Issue 'Hot'" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun Times

At many of Chicago's hospitals, the moral controversy over abortion has not subsided. And the reluctance of some hospitals to help women with unwanted pregnancies and the refusal of others to even perform abortions has caused many women to turn to walk-in abortion mills.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-12-02

Reaction: "Probe Abortions, House Asked" - Ellen Warren - Chicago Sun-Times

"Three illinois congressmen Friday called for an immediate congressional investigation of widespread abortion fraud and medical abuses detailed recently in the Chicago Sun-Times. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-12-02

"State aid chief raps HEW on abortion issue" - Ellen Warren - Chicago Sun-Times

The head of the Illinois Department of Public Aid, stung by federal accusations that the state improperly billed with government for $1 million in Medicaid abortions, demanded Thursday that these charges be withdrawn.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-12-01

"Report of Record Changing at Abortion Clinic Probed" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

State authorities are investigating reports that employees at a South Side abortion clinic have been ordered to alter patient records that document dangerous medical practices, it was learned Wednesday. According to sources, employees claim they were ordered to falsify records of abortion patients dating back at least six months for whom the clinic allegedly had failed to record accurate laboratory results and appropriate medications.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-30

Reaction: "Medic Blames State for Abortion Clinic Abuses" - Charles N. Wheeler and G. Robert Hillman - Chicago Sun-Times

Springfield, Ill. - The chairman of the Illinois State Medical Society Tuesday blamed the state for poor conditions in abortion clinics. Testifying before a special Senate subcommittee examining some of the abortion abuses uncovered recently by the Sun-Times and the Better Government Assn., Dr. Robert Hartman, chairman of the medical society's board of directors, urged the state Departments of Public Health and of Registration and Education to better enforce the law regulating abortion clinics and doctors.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-29

"For 'babies who've died' - his mission" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

To his foes, he's a bearded, steely eyed zealot. To his followers, he is the champion of innocents, a demigod of mercy. Joseph M. Scheidler. Age 51. Father of six. Notre Dame University graduate. One-time journalist. Full-time pro-lifer.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-28

XV-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick -Chicago Sun-Times

They marched around the clinic, swinging their rosaries, screeching Hail Marys and howling the Lord's Prayer. Among them was Sun-Times reporter Pamela Warrick - the only marcher without rosary beads. Armed with a pseudonym and a prayerbook, she joined Chicago's pro-life movement to get an inside look at the hardcore opposition to legalized abortion. After several weeks as a volunteer at the Illinois Right-To-Life headquarters and a weekend showing gory movies on the group's traveling Life-Mobile, Warrick was referred to the office of Joseph M. Scheidler - considered one of the most radical and powerful U.S. anti-abortion leaders.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-28

XIV-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Ellen Warren - Chicago Sun-Times

Washington - The nationwide battle over abortion has become a giant business. Organization on both sides of the controversial question spend millions of dollars and incalculable hours to elect candidates, defeat others, influence legislation and stir the national conscience with their points of view.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-27

"People Who Care, People Who Help" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

The two women, Ann Wright and Miriam Desmond, decided to share the information they'd gathered and continue monitoring the city's abortion clinics. They founded the Health Evaluation and Referral Service (HERS) and began one of the city's first non-profit abortion referral agencies.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-26

XIII-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

During a five-month investigation by the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn., reporters and researchers worked undercover in six of the city's 13 clinics. In four of those clinics - the Michigan Av. abortion mills - we have documented how women's lives are endangered by people who care more for profits than patients. But working undercover in two other clinics, and working in co-operation with a third, we found that abortion doesn't have to be an assembly-line operation. We found that in clinics like these, women may find safe and compassionate medical care.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-26

XII-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

During a five-month investigation, the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. found that some abortion profiteers advertise under a number of deceptive names to entice women into their Michigan Avenue clinics. In those clinics, telephone sales techniques are monitored more carefully than a doctor's operating techniques. New counselors or nursing assistants learn quickly that the telephone is the clinic's most important instrument.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-25

XI-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

During a five-month investigation of the Chicago abortion business, The Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. discovered that in some Michigan Av. abortion mills, women who are hired to counsel don't - they're paid to sell.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-24

"U.S. Charges State Abortion Aid Abuse" - Ellen Warren - Chicago Sun-Times

In a letter to Gov. Thompson, [Healh, Education and Welfare Secretary] Califano said that HEW paid the $1 million but now intends to get it back. At issues are the provisions of the "Hyde Amendment" to the HEW budget, which, since Aug. 4, 1977, has prohibited federal spending for Medicaid abortions except when strict criteria are met.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-23

"Closed Clinic OKs Appointments" - Karen Koshner and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Sun-Times

The Water Tower Reproductive Center, 810 N. Michigan, was accepting appointments for abortions Wednesday, despite a court order closing the unlicensed abortion facility.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-23

X-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

Nine out of 10 times, a simple urine test accurately diagnoses pregnancy. And, unless there is other proof of pregnancy, medical experts say, women with negative tests are not candidates for abortions. But working undercover at the Water Tower Reproductive Center, 840 N, Michigan, BGA investigator Mindy Trossman counted 81 abortion procedures performed on women with negative pregnancy tests. That was 12 per cent of all women who received abortions during the two months Trossman worked there.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-22

IX-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

It happened in the Rucker Memorial Medical Center, the little brick building in Detroit where at least two Chicago referral agencies send women more than 12 weeks pregnant for cheap, fast abortions. The center is owned by Dr. Joseph W. Rucker, who performs abortions there with his wife - and on at least one occasion, his dog - assisting him. During a five-month investigation of the Chicago abortion business by the Sun-Times and the Better Government Assn., we heard from a number of women who were sent to Rucker's clinic by these referral agencies - women with tales as ghastly as that of the Joliet couple who saw the dog in the operating room.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-21

Reaction: "Court Revokes Dr. Hah's License" - Karen Koshner and Dolores McCahill - Chicago Sun-Times

After almost two years of delays, a Circuit Court judge Monday revoked the Illinois medical license of Dr. Ming K. Hah, a Michigan Avenue abortionist who transferred operations to Chicago after his license was revoked in Michigan.

Chicago Sun Times  1964-11-21

VIII-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago's abortion profiteers are padding their profits with Medicaid funds illegally obtained through kickbacks and fraudulent billing schemes. During a five-month investigation of some abortion clinics and referral agencies, the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. have documented massive abuse of the Medicaid program and flagrant violations of federal law.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-20

VII-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

At least 12 women have died following legal abortions in Illinois walk-in abortion clinics. Although state health officials knew of not a single clinic death just a week ago, the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. have learned of a dozen women who suffered fatal infections or bled to death after undergoing abortion procedures in state-regulated clinics.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-19

VI-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

They are identical twins with identical cons. They bill themselves as "counselors." But their business is sales, and they use every trick in the book to peddle abortions to confused and frightened women. Victoria Sanders and Valerie McCullough operate competing abortion referral services out of fancy suites and between them advertise half a dozen "abortion hot lines" in four states.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-17

V-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

We were hired off the street as aides, medical assistants and counselors. Without checking our references or credentials, four of Chicago's abortion clinics gave us jobs we were unqualified to hold and tasks we were untrained to perform. The clinics asked us to do everything but perform abortions. They wanted us to remove IVs, administer injections, give psychological counseling and assist in surgery.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-16

"State Inspects Abortion Clinics" - Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

State inspectors paid surprise visits Tuesday to five clinics named in the Sun-Times' series on abortion abuses, but they were denied entrance to one clinic and refused access to patient records at another.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-15

IV-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

Dr. Ming Kow Hah, who has already lost his medical license in one state and faces revocation in Illinois, may give the fastest abortions in Chicago. According to a five-month investigation by the Sun-Times and the Better Government Assn., Hah may also give the most painful abortions in the city.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-15

Reaction: "Thompson Orders Clinic Check Step-Up" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

Gov. Thompson ordered state inspections of abortion clinics stepped up in his first meeting with his task force Monday. Thompson also asked state Atty. Gen. William J. Scott for his co-operation in the investigation. Scott assigned two assistant attorney generals to expedite pending lawsuits against at least two physicians mentioned in the Sun-Times Abortion Profiteers series.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-14

III-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

On Michigan Av., women entrust their bodies to doctors who may be mere mechanics on the abortion assembly line. They may be moonlighting residents, general practitioners with little or no training in women's medicine, or even unlicensed physicians. While slick clinic brochures promise only board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists, few have earned that accreditation.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-14

Reaction: "State to Act on Abortion Clinics" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

Gov. Thompson announced Sunday that he will form a special task force of four state agencies to crack down on abuses in abortion clinics exposed in the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. investigation of dangerous medical care in four facilities.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-13

II-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

Meet the biggest profiteers of Chicago's multimillion-dollar abortion business. One used to sell cars. Another sold caskets. Two sold "welfare" medicine. They all jumped on the bandwagon to make a killing, selling abortions on the Magnificent Mile. During a five-month investigation of Chicago's legalized abortion trade, the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. identified the men who run the four Michigan Av. abortion mills. And working undercover, we watched how they do it.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-13

"Abortion Peril Greater Before Legalization" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun Times

Although the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision had not stopped women from dying from abortions, legalization has been credited with reducing the number of abortion related deaths by 40 per cent.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-12

I-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

Five months ago, the Sun-Times and the Better Government Assn. began the first in-depth investigation of Chicago's thriving abortion business since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion on Jan. 22, 1973. We found: - Dozens of abortion procedures performed on women who were not pregnant and others illegally performed on women more than 12 weeks pregnant.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-12