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Subject is exactly Chicago Tribune Task Force

"Distinctive Service Award Goes to Investigative Team" - Chicago Tribune

"A Chicago Tribune Task Force series exposing nursing home abuses was awarded the first Distinctive Service Award of the Illinois Interprofessional Council last night during ceremonies in the Swedish Club of Chicago. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-09-26

Reaction: "2 Aides Arrested for Striking Elderly Nursing Home Patients" - Philip Caputo - Chicago Tribune

". . .The arrests for battery came two months after the attacks were described in a seven-part series by The Tribune Task Force detailing instances of filth, neglect and brutality in the area's 'warehouse for the dying' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-05-29

Reaction: "109 Nursing Homes Closed in 18 Months" - Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

". . .The homes, including 15 in Chicago, have had their licenses revoked or have closed voluntarily because they cannot meet minimum standards ordered by city and state health officials. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-10-10

XI- "County Highway Unit Wasting Millions; Find Loafing Rampant" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 ". . .Tribune Task Force members and B.G.A. investigators followed scores of road workers on their daily rounds in the last several months. They saw the ritual of men in a rut, working sporadically and listlessly with one goal in mind - the day's end. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-19

X- "County Board Post: A Part-Time Job?" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 ". . .Board members are not required to divorce themselves from these other activities, but the county budget explicitly states they are being paid for a full-time job. Some commissioners concede their work requires less than eight hours a day, but nearly all of them have a secretary and one or even two adminstrative assistants. . .

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-18

IX- "Ego Battles Add to County Waste; Curbs Promised" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 "A new county purchasing department procedure, designed to curb the uncontrolled furniture spending sprees of county officials, has been ordered into immediate effect as a result of The Tribune Task Force and Better Government Association investigation into county waste. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-17

VIII- "Civil Service in County 'Little More Than Myth'" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 ". . .The county's Civil Service policies are designed to maintain, not reduce, patronage, an investigation by the Tribune Task Force and Better Government Association has found. Whether Republican or Democrat, the politicians have so abused the 75-year-old Civil Service law that merit employees today account for only 43 percent of the county's 14,846 job holders. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-16

VII- "Reveal County Board Waste, Mismanagement at Hospital" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

"In the decades that the Cook County Board controlled County Hospital, waste and mismanagement in the institution grew to such epidemic proportions that millions of tax dollars must now be spent to find a cure. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-15

VI- "High Election Cost Even Higher Here; See $500,000 Waste in '72" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 "On March 21 the Cook County electorate will stand before another example of government waste - a voting machine. To put two machines in every county polling place in 1972, election officials plan to spend a record $1.6 million. That is a waste of at least half a million dollars, a Tribune Task Force-Better Government Association study has revealed. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-14

V- "Bare 136 Needless County Jobs" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 ". . .The officials have consistently turned a deaf ear to studies and suggestions which would have saved more than a million dollars a year by scrapping useless patronage positions on the heating plant staffs. An examination of the staffs revealed that 136 jobs could be slashed from the payroll at a savings of $1,638,382. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-13

IV- "Bare Bungling by Civil Defense Commission" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 "It took only 60 seconds for the Cook County Board to approve without comment the $97,134 Civil Defence Commission budget during hearing last month. Altho the agency was formed to create a countywide plan to deal with natural or nuclear disasters, its operations are in such disarray that during an interview Director Patrick O'Block could not explain the activities of his own staff. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-12

III- "County Patronage Waste Is Put at $5 Million Yearly" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 ". . .The estimated financial waste found by a Tribune and Better Government Association investigation of inflated salaries and padded payrolls for 1,500 blue collar workers who maintain county buildings. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-11

II- "Amid Luxury, County Aides Contemplate More Taxes" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 ". . .Evidence of how seriously county officials have taken this responsibility can be seen in their total ignorance of the prices of individual items of furniture they ordered. Even records in the County purchasing department failed, with few exceptions, to contain item-by-item details of cost. It was only after an exhaustive investigation that Tribune Task Force reporters and Better Government Association investigators were able to piece together a detailed accounting of expenditures so far. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-10

I- "Millions Wasted by County" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 ". . .The job of unearthing the $10.5 million has already been completed for the Board. In a three-month investigation, the Tribune Task Force, working in cooperation with th Better Government Association, found $14,228,000 in waste in county government. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-09

"Kusper Asks Specifics" - George Bliss and William Currie - The Chicago Tribune

"Leaders of Project LEAP, a voters' watchdog group, yesterday charged the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners with blocking LEAP efforts to stop phony Republican election judges from serving in precincts with a history of vote stealing. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-10-25

"Kusper Ad Recruits Poll Judges Here" - Unsigned - The Chicago Tribune

"The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners advertised in the four Chicago newspapers yesterday in an unprecedented atempt to recruit election judges for the November election.  The full-page ads were signed by Stanley T. Kusper Jr., chairman of the board, who told The Tribune that judges are 'quitting at a rate of 55 a day' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-10-10

VI-Von Solbrig Task Force: "'A nice place to go,' doctor tells drunks" - William Crawford - Chicago Tribune

"One of Northeast Community Hospital's most frequent patients is Michael Wadley, a resident of the Northmere Hotel, 4943 N. Kenmore Av., who was admitted to the hospital six times between October and May, according to state public aid records. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1975-09-09

Aged Home Shut, Patients Moved - John Davies - Chicago Tribune

Twenty-nine patients of the West Side Nursing Home, 1900 S. Kedzie Av., were moved out of of the 40-year-old, three story building and into other city nursing homes yesterday. The Board of Health closed the building for alleged building code violations.

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-21

State Attacked on Nursing Home Licenses - Unsigned - Chicago Tribune

Dr. Rasmussen, chief of preventive medicine of the Cook County Department of Public Health, charged yesterday that the state has ignored thousands of violation reports on conditions in Chicago area nursing homes.

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-07

House Panel O.K.'s Rest Home Probe - John Elmer - Chicago Tribune

The House Public Welfare Committee today approved a resolution calling for a special committee to investigate nursing homes and the Public Health Department's practices and rules in regulating and inspecting them.

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-11

Daley Asks Nurse Home Change - Unsigned - Chicago Tribune

A comprehensive ordinance to improve the education and training of nursing home aides and attendants was introduced in the City Council yesterday by Mayor Daley.

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-11

Reaction: "Senate Sets Hearings on Nurse Homes" - Philip Warden - Chicago Tribune

"Sen. Percy (R., Ill.) announced today that the Senate Select Committee on the Aging plans to hold public hearings in Chicago soon on nursing home abuses. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-10

Some Nursing Homes Jeer at Law - William Jones and Philip Caputo - Chicago Tribune

Substandard nursing homes in the Chicago area have a remarkable survival record. Despite long lists of public health violations reported by state and city health inspectors, they continue to have their licenses renewed each year, even after they have ignored second, third and fourth warnings to clean up their operations.

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-08

Voice of the People - Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO - "The Tribune's exposure of the wretched treatment accorded the aged inmates in nursing homes cries out for corrective action rather than futile lamentation.

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-04

Nursing Homes Unit Backs State's Probe - Unsigned - Chicago Tribune

The Metropolitan Chicago Nursing Home Association, which on Tuesday charged that The Tribune and Better Government Association disclosures of scandalous conditions in nursing homes were exaggerated and "politically motivated," last night "strongly endorsed" action being taken in response to the disclosures.

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-04

Man's Inhumanity - Editorial - Chicago Tribune

Hidden away in filthy, rat-invested dungeons. Abandoned in "warehouses fir the dying." Clad in rags, forced to huddle half frozen in their own dirt. Fed slop not fit for animals. Subject to constant physical and mental abuses. Denied medication and the last shreds of human dignity by callous, incompetent caretakers.

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-02