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"Davis Defends Ellis Island; 'It's Not Hotel'"

"Secretary Davis says the criticisms written by Miss Genevieve Forbes of The Tribune after she had entered Ellis Island as an immigrant are 'grossly exaggerated,' although in reviewing conditions during the last two years he states that the Ellis Island force was badly disorganized during the war, and many of the men on duty there at the beginning of his administration were inexperienced."

The Chicago Daily Tribune  1921-11-29

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "20 More Vote Fraud Indictments Expected" - George Bliss - Chicago Tribune

"The federal grand jury that indicted 40 persons for vote fraud last week will soon return at least 20 more indictments, it was learned by The Tribune yesterday. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-18

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "U.S. Acts to Protect Vote" - George Bliss and William Mullen - Chicago Tribune

"The federal government announced formation yesterday of a special task force of prosecutors to combat Chicago vote fraud in the Nov. 7 Presidential election. Federal agents meanwhile continued to round up 40 persons named in federal grand jury indictments for vote fraud. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-17

I-"Reveal Huge Vote Fraud" - George Bliss - Chicago Tribune

"Evidence of more than 1,000 cases of election fraud in the March 21 primary election has been discovered by a Tribune Task Force reporter who worked undercover for three months in the Chicago Board of Election Commissioner's City Hall offices."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-10

Reaction: Von Solbrig Task Force: "Von Solbrig Hospital Placed on Probation" - Pamela Zekman and William Gaines - Chicago Tribune

"Dr. Eric Oldberg, president of the Chicago Board of Health, Tuesday placed von Solbrig Memorial Hospital on one-month probation, during which the board will examine hospital records, interview employees, and conduct frequent inspections of the hospital's facilities. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1975-09-10

Reaction: "Thompson Orders Clinic Check Step-Up" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

Gov. Thompson ordered state inspections of abortion clinics stepped up in his first meeting with his task force Monday. Thompson also asked state Atty. Gen. William J. Scott for his co-operation in the investigation. Scott assigned two assistant attorney generals to expedite pending lawsuits against at least two physicians mentioned in the Sun-Times Abortion Profiteers series.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-14

Reaction: "State to Act on Abortion Clinics" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

Gov. Thompson announced Sunday that he will form a special task force of four state agencies to crack down on abuses in abortion clinics exposed in the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. investigation of dangerous medical care in four facilities.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-13