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Subject is exactly Hartford courant

"Darts and Laurels" - Gloria Cooper - Columbia Journalism Review

"Posing as prospective home buyers in the $200,000 market, teams of black and white reporters visited fifteen agencies in Hartford and its suburbs and found that all too many black clients were subjected to financial grilling."

Columbia Journalism Review  1989-11-01

"To Sting or Not to Sting?" - Marcel Dufresne - Columbia Journalism Review

"Newsday's staff devised the undercover plan in 1989 during early reporting for a groundbreaking series about segregation. If the scheme worked, it would expose an ugly and illegal discriminatory practice. But it also raised questions about deception, among other things."

Columbia Journalism Review  1991-05-01

"White Lies: Bending the Truth to Expose Injustice" - Henry McNulty - Journalism Ethics Cases Online

"That "does-the-end-justify-the-means" dilemma confronted me this spring when my newspaper, The Hartford Courant, reported on racial bias among some area real estate firms. Reporters, appearing to be almost identical in every financial and personal detail except race, posed as potential home buyers to gather the evidence. In some cases, real estate agents gave the "testers" who were black tougher financial scrutiny. Other times, blacks were "steered" to towns that already have significant minority populations."

Indiana University  1989-08-01