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V-"Woman's Kingdom" - Kathleen "Kit" Coleman - The Toronto Mail

". . .We cross London bridge and turn sharply to our left on the Surray side, and after many crossings and wanderings we get at least to Jacob's island. The existence of this place was denied even at the time Oliver Twist was written. . ."

The Toronto Mail  1892-04-16

IV-"Woman's Kingdom" - Kathleen "Kit" Coleman - The Toronto Mail

"Come with me to a queer little square close to Piccadilly and Oxford street, and very near Regent street and I will show you Ralph Nickleby's house in Golden square, a place unchanged surely since the usurer gave his famous dinner party there. . ."

The Toronto Mail  1892-04-02

III-"Woman's Kingdom" - Kathleen "Kit" Coleman - The Toronto Mail

"If you want to find landmarks of Dickens, you will have to take a good many long walks, and cross and recross many bridges, and squares and courts. Sunday is by far the best day to do the famous old inns of court in the very heart of the city. . ."

The Toronto Mail  1892-03-26

I-"Woman's Kingdom" - Kathleen "Kit" Coleman - The Toronto Mail

". . .It's snowing as hard as it can while I write, and one cannot see out of window because of the frost on the panes, and one is cold with a deadly damp cold unknown to us in Canada. It is awful when real cold weather comes on in England. . ."

The Toronto Mail  1892-03-12

II-"Woman's Kingdom" - Kathleen "Kit" Coleman - The Toronto Mail

". . .It is not a long way to walk along the High street borough till you come to Horsemonger lane, where Chivery & Co. kept the tobacco establishment 'one storey high , which had the benefit of air from the yards of Horsemonger lane gaol. . ."

The Toronto Mail  1892-03-19