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Subject is exactly Pamela Zekman

Follow-Up: "Walker is Urged to Sign Legislation Regulating Bill Collection Agencies" - Pamela Zekman and William Gaines

". . .The bill sponsored by Rep. L. Michael Getty (D., Dolton), prohibits freewheeling use of abusive collection tactics like those uncovered during a six-week Tribune Task Force investigation and requires that agencies be bonded and registered with the Department of Registration and Education. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-07-07

III-"Federal Jury to Investigate Bill Collectors" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

"A federal grand jury investigation was ordered yesterday into alleged abusive practices of debt collection agencies which were uncovered by The Tribune. A special consumer fraud task force was assigned by U.S. Atty. James R. Thompson to investigate alleged terror tactics and fraudulent practices of agencies named in citizen complaints and exposed by The Tribune Task Force. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-09

Follow-Up: "2 Seeking to Curb Collector Abuses" - Pamela Zekman and Robert Unger - Chicago Tribune

"Two bills aimed at eliminating abuses by Illinois bill collectors are being drafted by Atty. Gen. William Scott and an Evanston legislator. The two bills, prepared independently by Scott and State Rep. James McCourt will seek licensing of collection agencies and controls aimed at eliminating harassment and threats by some collectors. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-14

I-"Bill Collector Terror Tactics: 'Push Them Till They Break'" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

"They are self-proclaimed enforcers of a credit economy, and they play by their own rules. No city of state agency controls them. No rules have been made to govern them. As a result, the tactics of many of Chicago's collection agencies and the people who run them are to frighten, threaten, or cajole money out of anyone they have arbitrarily labeled 'dead-beat' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-07

Follow-Up: "Bill Collection Law Is Signed" - Pamela Zekman and William Gaines - Chicago Tribune

". . .Flanked by the bill's sponsor, Rep. L. Michael Getty, Walker commended The Tribune for its 'revealing series on collection agency abuses' and said the legislation is 'long overdue' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-09-09

"A Bill Collector and His Victim—Applying the Screws" - Pamela Zekman and William Gaines - Chicago Tribune

". . .He was out to collect $56 on an unpaid Mobil Oil Corp. credit card account. Mrs. Scott was going to pay, he had decided. Had he asked, — and he didn't — he would have learned that the Mrs. Scott on the other end of the telephone line had never had a Mobil credit card, or a car, or a driver's license. In fact, she had never learned to drive. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-07

Mirage Reaction: "How Government Responded to Mirage" - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Sun-Times month-long Mirage series documented a litany of misconduct and prompted investigations by city, county, state and federal agencies. "Potentially far-reaching reforms have been implemented and more are promised. Laws are to be rewritten and strengthened. "Payoff-taking public employes have been suspended and fired. New protections against such abuse of power have been ordered . . . "

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-05

Mirage Editorial - "Fire Funds vs. Safety" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .Some fire fighters admit the on-duty sales take them away from their regular jobs, leaving stations and equipment understaffed. Some with high sales are given time off - while still on the city payroll - that takes them away from work for months at a time. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-06

Mirage Editorial: "The Public Trust Suffers" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .The price public officials here must pay to help revive public confidence is to set up an unbiased outside commission to investigate the corruption fully documented by The Sun-Times and the Better Government Assn. But the City Council ducked its duty two weeks ago when it voted 39 to 3 to shunt off to committee a plan to do just that. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-29

Mirage Editorial: "The Public Gets Burned" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Fire protection isn't cheap here. The Fire Department budget - more than $106 million - is the city's fourth largest. But the public isn't getting its money's worth. Mayor Bilandic says he is 'looking into' Fire Comr. Robert J. Quinn's management of the department. Only a thorough investigation and a full report to taxpayers will do. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-08

Mirage Reaction: "BGA Sees City Ombudsman Need" - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Better Government Assn. Monday urged creation of an ombudsman who would have power to investigate citizen complaints about dishonest or negligent city inspectors. Charging that Chicago is gripped by a 'pervasive system of graft' in which 'small businessmen and the public are the big losers,' BGA Executive Director J. Terrence Brunner said the city needs an ombudsman office to oversee its inspectors. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-10

Mirage Reaction - "Mayor Urged to Investigate Fire Dept." - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .In the final installment of the Mirage series, The Sun-Times disclosed on Sunday that hundreds of able-bodied firemen are routinely assigned to sell tickets for a charity that supposedly servies widows and orphans. Financial records show that a major beneficiary of the fund for the last seven years has been Quinn's ceremonial marching band. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-06

Mirage Editorial - "Solid Steps Toward Action" - Chicago Sun-Times

"A solid strategy to let the state attack tax cheating - as documented in The Sun-Times' Mirage series - is unfolding, thanks to Democratic Leaders in the General Assembly. And top Republicans seem ready to follow up the co-operation given the Mirage series from the outset by Thompson adminstration's Department of Law Enforcement . . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-26

Mirage Reaction - "Corruption Not Widespread in Agency-Fitzgerald" - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-14

Mirage Editorial - "Bilandic's Puny Response" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Mayor Bilandic's defense Tuesday of on-duty fire fighters' solicitations of ticketers for charities was absurd. It seems to indicate that he doesn't know the facts, doesn't understand the issues and perhaps isn't even sure who's the boss at City Hall . . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-09

Mirage Reaction - "4 More Suspensions in Wake of Mirage" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .The suspensions brought to 15 the number of city, county, or state employes disciplined for misconduct since disclosures of corruption and negligence by public employes began in the Mirage series. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-09

Mirage Editorial - "Don't Back Off State Probe" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .After Sun-Times reporters and BGA investigators reported widespread sales-tax skimming, Houlihan called for a special commission to investigate. He didn't imply corruption in the Revenue Department; he urged help for the department. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-01

Mirage Reaction - "Thompson: Probe More Than Revenue" - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-31

Mirage Reaction: "78 Unlicensed Games Seized" - Chicago Sun-Times

"State revenue agents Monday, acting on information uncovered by the BGA and The Sun-Times, raided 21 locations and seized 78 unlicensed pinball and video game machines and jukeboxes. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-24

"A Vendor's Pitch — Chicago Style" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The vending machine operators kept warning the Mirage to stay away from the Zenith Vending Corp. ""Once they get an account, they don't lose it' ... "

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-24

Mirage Editorial - "Public Service Ripoffs" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .Though Chicagoans long suspected much of the wrongdoing that The Sun-Times and the BGA found, it's now documented. And it's clear that too few in government could - or wanted to - clean up the mess. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-22

Mirage Reaction: "State to Audit 4 Mirage Suppliers" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .The salesmen each offered to violate or actually did violate various laws regulating kickbacks, the transfer of liquor and credit reporting. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-21

Mirage Editorial - "Council's Spineless Step" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .Chicago's reputation is tarnished more and more by too little being done to end shakedowns by city inspectors and others. The Sun-Times and the BGA found bribery common. They found tax skimming common. They found threats to patrons' safety overlooked for a few bucks in an envelope. They found unsafe buildings approved for a payoff. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-19

Mirage Reaction: "State Panel Investigating Tax Fraud" - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Illinois Department of Revenue Wednesday announced that a special fraud unit had been formed to investigate the widespread tax cheating documented by The Sun-Times and BGA. It was learned that one of the first steps taken by the new unit was to subpena some records of seven accountants or bookkeepers hired by the Mirage. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-19

Mirage Reaction: "Suspend 2 Who Ignored Health Hazards" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .Edward F. King, assisstant health commisioner, announced that inspectors Robert Hansen and David Weingarten would be off the city payroll for an as yet undetermind length of time. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-18

Mirage Reaction: "Council Gets Fraud Probe Motions" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Two resolutions urging the City Council to investigate wrongdoing uncovered by The Sun-Times and the Better Government Association at the Mirage were sent Tuesday to the Finance Committee for study. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-18

Mirage Editorial: "Showdown in City Council" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Now the test. Will the City Council do its duty and take firm, full steps against the kinds of corruption revealed at the Mirage? Or will it go only part way and adopt measures too timid to spur genuine reform or give the public confidence that it cares? . . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-17

"What Permits? City Bind to Own Rules" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Mirage was able to learn firsthand about the installation of illuminated signs in Chicago. But it also learned something interesting about a different kind of sign - the nonilluminated variety. There are thousands of these signs across the city. None of them have city permits. The Mirage could not find anyone in City Hall who seems to know why. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-17

Mirage Editorial: "State Reforms Needed" - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-15

Mirage Reaction: "Mirage Triggers 3-Way Probe" - Chicago Sun-Times

". . .The announcements were triggered by weeklong disclosures of payoff acceptances, tax skimming and other misconduct experienced by Sun-Times and BGA investigators while secretly operating the Mirage, a tavern at 731 N. Wells. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-14

Mirage Editorial: "Council Still Must Act" - Chicago Sun-Times

"There's still no doubt. Despite Mayor Bilandic's promise Thursday to tighten city licensing and inspection procedures, we call for an independent blue-ribbon commission to investigate the Mirage disclosures fully and stop the corruption that posions the city. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-13

Mirage Editorial - "Next Steps Against Graft" - Chicago Sun-Times

"it's clear now that independent investigations - by both Illinois and Chicago - are needed to tackle the kinds of wrongdoing discovered at the Mirage. Business by bribe here is widespread and involves many millions of dollars. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-12

Mirage Reaction: "Probe Asked to Determine Loss to State" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Warning that systematic tax cheating by accountants and taverns may be costing Illinois $20 million annually in lost revenue, state Rep. James M. Houlihan Wednesday urged a special legislative investigation. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-12

Mirage Reaction: "Three Suspended Inspectors Named" - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-11

Mirage Reaction: "New Fire Inspect Chief Vows Cleanup" - Chicago Sun-Times

"James Newbold, new chief of the Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau, said Tuesday that the Fire Department may need to establish an internal anti-corruption unit similar to one in the Police Department."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-11

Mirage Editorial - "4 Suspensions Aren't Enough" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Though some departments have moved quickly to suspend four city inspectors after the first stories in The Sun-Times' series detailing payoffs and malfeasance by inspectors, the lack of tougher responses by top officials is alarming. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-10

"Building Code Gives Muscle to Inspectors" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Hundreds of city inspectors move through Chicago each day checking everything from electrical wiring to kegs of beer in an attempt to protect health and safety. The state also has at least one group of inspectors charged with maintaining health and safety standards in taverns, restaurants and package-liquor stores. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-10

Mirage Editorial "How the Public Gets Hurt" - Chicago Sun-TImes

"In the days and weeks ahead, the Sun-Tiems will tell a vital story of ugly government and private corruption. It will shock some readers and confirm the worst suspicions of others. It will show how the public is threatened by a system -- not just a few bad apples -- in the city that often works better for the crooked than the honest. . . . The first episode begins today."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-08

Mirage Editorial: "College Education in Fraud" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Phillip J. Barasch . . . a man who teaches small business proprietors in Chicago how to cheat on taxes, has many colleagues in that activity. Not one or two bad apples but a system of corruption is robbing Illinois of millions of dollars."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-09

"It Wasn't Just a Bar, It Was a Mirage" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Mirage's customers sometimes wondered: 'Why did the bartenders run behind the back bar so much?"

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-08

Mirage Editorial - "Officials Job Is Clear: Get to Work Against Corruption" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Are city and state officials responding as they should to the corruption documented by the Sun-Times' Mirage series? "Only partly." ...

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-05

"Mission Accomplished, the Mirage Fades" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"It was time for the Mirage to disappear. "The last night came fittingly, on Halloween weekend, when everybody pretends to be somebody else. The Mirage threw a party as its way of saying goodby to the neighborhood. "The neighborhood didn't know it was goodby. All it knew was that the Mirage would be 'closed for renovations.' A new owner would open the place again in a few weeks . . . It had been four months since the Mirage had appeared -- time enough to catch the city in the act of being itself. And time enough, too, for a few close calls. It is that way with any masquerade."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-05

"On-Duty Firemen Hustle Tickets for Boss' Band" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Hundreds of on-duty Chicago fire fighters solicit funds for a charity that supposedly serves widow and orphans. But a major beneficiary is Fire Comr. Robert J. Quinn's ceremonial marching band."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-05

"Night at the Fights - Everybody's Punchy" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Mirage's customers got along just fine. They drank, joked, gambled and danced to the jukebox. "Then there was the night they all tried to kill one another."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-03

Mirage Reaction: "Mr. Fixit's Records Subpenaed by U.S." - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Mirage was not in business long enough to have filed a federal tax return. However, each of the accountants advised the Mirage that it would have to submit the same figures to the U.S. government as it had to the state. Otherwise, they said, the tax cheating would be more easily discovered."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-02

"Gunrunner Boasts of Arsenal For Sale" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"William Cheek - his friends call him Cheeky - seemed harmless enough at first. But the Mirage soon learned he was a dangerous customer. His sideline was gunrunning."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-02

"Mirage Revolving Door for Life's Misfits" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"A tavern has its regulars. It has its irregulars, too."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-02-01

Mirage Reaction: "Thompson: Probe More Than Revenue" - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-31

"Roger's Angel Dances for Go-Go Dream" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The girls live like animals," she said. "And all they want is a chance to live like human beings."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-31

"Heavy Mixing - High-priced Drinks, Sex" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Norm and Rose Bersch guaranteed they could help the Mirge make as much as $1,000 a night. "All it would take, they said, was three prostitutes and a little know-how."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-30

"Sex on Tap: How Brothel Survives" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

Precede: "To learn about Suzette's, a whorehouse at 701 N. Wells, the Mirage decided to hire one of its prostitutes, supposedly to entertain one of hte tavern's secret backers. Barbara was hired for $200 for three hours by Sun-Times reporters Zay N. Smith (left) and William Recktenwald, chief investigator for the Better Government Assn. 'I was into swinging for a while,' she told them, 'and I met some people, and well, here I am. Kinda crazy, isn't it?'

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-29

Mirage Reaction: "76% View Graft Here As Extensive, Poll Finds" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Three of every four Chicagoans - 76 percent - believe that government corruption is a widespread, serious problem. Nearly hald contend that high officials are involved in it and that nothing will be done to end it. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-29

Mirage Reaction: "Bilandic Office Fails to Back Claim of Earlier Payoff Action" - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-27

"Pinball Wizard vs. Evel Knievel - Tilt!" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Pinball Wizard was having another bad night on the Evel Knievel machine. "'You scurvy dog! You whore! I don't let no machine do this to me!' "Bernie Delaney worked by day in a camera store near the Mirage. At night, he was Pinball Wizard. He could not resist the machines. It had been that way since he was 14...."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-27

Mirage Reaction: "First Firing in Probe of Chicago Corruption" - Chicago Sun-Times

"The unidentified man was the first to lose his job as a result of an investigation by the newly created Office of Professional Review. "The anti-corruption agency was formed by Bilandic Jan. 12 in response to Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. disclosures of misconduct by city workers at the Mirage . . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-30

"Hanging Out With the Mirage Menagerie" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-TImes

"Every tavern is itw own small community of friends and enemies, hustlers and losers. It is the city come off the street to have a beer. . . . It's time you met the Mirage menagerie."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-26

"On the Rocks with Norty" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"But Norty hadn't learned how difficult it is to tend bar in the real world. He would learn that the hard way at the Mirage. "It is a story of shattered glassware, spilled beer and cocktails that were always a surprise -- the story of Norty's life behind bars . . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-25

Mirage Reaction: "Thompson Backs Curbs on Tavern-Tax Cheats" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Governor Thompson said Monday he favored reforms recommended by The Sun-Times and Better Government Association to tighten state tax collection procedures documented in the Mirage series. . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-17

Mirage Reaction: "Bilandic to Tighten Inspection Practice" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Mayor Bilandic ordered reforms Thursday in city inspection procedures and a potentially far-reaching revision of licensing laws, including the controversial 800-page-thick Chicago Building Code."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-13

Mirage Reaction: "City Building Chief Pledges a Shake-Up" - Chicago Sun-Times

"City Buliding Comr. Joseph F. Fitzgerald said Wednesday that there would be a major 'shake-up' in the Building Department as a result of Sun-Times disclosures of negligence and corruption by some city inspectors."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-12

Mirage Reaction: "Thompson, Legislators to Push for Tax Probe" - Chicago Sun Times

"Gov. Thompson and leaders of the General Assembly Tuesday strongly endorsed a proposed legislative investigation of wrongoing detailed by the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. in the Mirage series."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-25

"Bartender's Tip: Your Conscience is Your Guide" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Professional Bartenders School, 407 S. Dearborn, teachers more than how to mix Singapore slings and Bahama mamas. It offers a special look at how bartenders mix finagling with fraud when the authorities and customers aren't watching."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-25

"Bartender's Tip: Your Conscience is Your Guide" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Professional Bartenders School, 407 S. Dearborn, teachers more than how to mix Singapore slings and Bahama mamas. It offers a special look at how bartenders mix finagling with fraud when the authorities and customers aren't watching."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-25

"Ex-Cop in Huge Vending Skim" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"John Yesutis is a former policeman who may be using his vending-machine business to skim nearly $500,000 a year off income before paying taxes."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-24

"Vendors Deal Fraud, Kickbacks" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The vending machine operators say their produce is pinballs and jukeboxes. But the Mirage discovered they were really trading in illegal kickbacks, tax fraud, political fixes and licence fraud."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-23

"He Asks Tip for Doing Job" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Your tax dollars at work? "Don't count on it. "The Mirage was able to take a firsthand look at how public employes often pass the time. It dealt with them on the street. It got to know them over a cold beer. "It watched them use their jobs to hustle cash, illegally, or on the side. "It watched them loaf...."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-22

"'Hot' Trash Taken - for Cold Cash" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Charlie Williams was part of a city garbage crew that made two illegal pickups at the Mirage last October. He said he was fired several weeks later because he refused to break the law any longer. "I told 'em I wasn't going to make no more stops like this," he said. "And now I'm out of a job." ...

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-22

"Our Liquor Salesman: Illegal Gifts, Deals Part of Sales Pitch" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The beer salesman leaned forward. this was just between him and the Mirage. "I got clout, He said, 'I'll make you happy.' "It was time for the old Chicago sell when the Mirage started shopping for beer and liquor..."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-20

"An Honest Cop Is No Match for Clout" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Mirage kept waiting for Lou Cuddy to make his move. "That's how payoffs usually start. The official, the inspector o the copy sallts around and hints that maybe "something can be worked out. . . ."

Chicago Sun Times  Thursday, January 19, 1978

"'Premises Clean: 2 City Health Aides OK Food Amid Filth" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Chicago taxpayers spend more than $15 million a year on salaries for inspectors who are supposed to keep business establishments sanitary and safe. The Mirage, through four months, never received an honest and thorough inspection of any kind."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-18

"Take $50, Give Free Advice" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Nicholas Zekich, state liquor inspector, said he might have to close down the Mirage. The violations were that serious. But then Zekich grinned. He didn't close down the Mirage. He shook it down. "It was a shakedown that lasted nearly a half hour and finished with a $50 payoff from the cash register. Zekich took the money, forgot the violations and left the Mirage's owner with some free advice . . . "

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-16

"Tavern Tax Frauds Cost State Millions" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Illinois could be losing $16 million a year in sales-tax revenue through systematic tax fraud by tavern owners conspiring with private accountants. "The Mirage - a tavern operated for four months by The Sun-Times and the Better Government Assn. at 732 N. Wells -- discovered the widespread fraud during months of talks with tavern owners and accountants throughout the Chicago area. "The tavern owners and accountants, unaware they were talking to reporters, said taverns routinely skim at least 20 percent off their income before filing tax returns . . . "

"'Quick, the Cash; 'I'm Promoted'"- Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Mirage's $100 payoff to John Higgins, city ventilation inspector, became a race to beat the clock. "The transaction, arranged so the Mirage could install a food grill wihtout spending $2,000 on required ventilation ductwork, was orderly enough at first. A private contractor carried out cautious negotiations between tavern and inspector. It was shuttle diplomacy, Chicago-style. . . ."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-13

"Shakedown Time Again" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The plumbing contractor walked into the Mirage and presented his bill for $375. "The bill wasn't itemized -- and for good reason. It covered labor, materials and a $50 payoff to the city plumbing inspector.... "

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-12

"The Envelope, Please . . ." - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"The Mirage, with its rotting floors and makeshift carpentry, had structural problems that would have cost thousands of dollars to fix. But the Mirage learned it could fix a city building inspector for $15."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-11

"Payoff Parade Begins" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"Lt. Benjamin Jungman, a city fire inspector, gave the Mirage its first look at government-by-envelope in Chicago. "It was a cash payoff, passed quiety from tavern to inspeector, so everybody could ignore the city codes. "The system works. "All the time..."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-10

"Cheating the Taxpayer - 'Mr. Fixit' Tells How" -Mirage- Chicago Sun-Times

"Philip J. Barasch is a Chicago business broker who teaches his clients how to cheat hte law and grab a buck. "It can be tax fraud. It can be arranging payofs to city inspectors. You name it; he can work it. "As Barasch says: 'I know all the angles, all the shortcuts. You stick with me and you'll save lots of money." "

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-09

"Our Bar Uncovers Payoffs, Tax Gyps" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

"But the Mirage, 731 N. Wells St., was never quite what it seemed. "It was a tavern operated by the Sun-Times and the Better Government Assn. "The bartenders were reporters and investigators. The repairmen were photographers headed for a hidden loft. "All were investigating years of complaints from small businesses about the day-to-day corruption they have to endure in Chicago, the city that works if you know how to work it. "The Sun-Times will tell the Mirage's story -- with names, dates and amounts -- in the days to come . . . "

Chicago Sun Times  1978-01-05

"Undercover Reporting Backed by Readers" - Editor & Publisher

"The daily's study, which queried 603 local residents, showed a majority of them support undercover reporting tactics involving hidden cameras, microphones and concealed identities. "When asked how important it is for a newspaper 'to do this type of investigative reporting' 77% responded 'very important,' 19% said 'somewhat important' while only 2% opted for 'not at all important.'"

Editor and Publisher  1980-08-23

"The Mirage" - Paul Galloway - The Quill

". . . [S]uch a rich vein of dishonesty was mined that the revelations ran for four weeks. The Mirage became the best known bar in Chicago . . . Its fame went beyond the city limits. Newspapers, magazines and radio networks . . . did stories and interviews. CBS's '60 Minutes' featured the Mirage and so did 'The Today Show' on NBC. Time and Newsweek wrote about it . . . The wire services and scores of U.S. newspapers ran articles. "Readers were fascinated and outraged . . . The Mirage series grabbed Chicago by the shirt collar and shook it, and much of the impact and success could be attributed to the newspaper's departure from conventional investigative techniques. . . ."

The Quill  1978-02-01

"Profiteering Shocks These Abortion Pioneers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

The chaplain whose search for competent abortionists circled the globe. The physician who led the first national debate on ending all abortion laws. The attorney who filed the suit that first legalized abortion in Illinois. The feminist with a conscience - but no medical degree - who performed dozens of abortions in friends' bedrooms. Together, they and others like them pioneered the way for legalized abortion in Illinois.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-12-03

Reaction: "2 Abortion Referral Firms are Subpenaed" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois Atty. Ge. William J. Scott issued subpenas Thursday for the records of two abortion referral services in an investigation of possible consumer fraud.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-17

"Probe Michigan Av. Abortion Clinic Death" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

The Cook County state's attorney's office has reopened its investigation of the abortion-related death of a Hammond woman because of information provided by the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. The woman, 26-year-old Sherry Emry, died Jan. 2 after undergoing an abortion at the Water Tower Reproductive Center, 840 N. Michigan. First Assistant State's Atty. Barry Gross said, "Based on information we received from you about the practices at that clinic, we are pursuing the [Emry] case."

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-17

Reaction: "Doctor Loses Out in 2 Court Battles" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

Dr. Arnold Bickham, who is challenging the state's authority to regulate his abortion business, lost two court battles Wednesday. In one, a Circuit Court judge temporarily prohibited abortions at Bickman's South Side medical clinic.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-16