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Letter of Introduction to the Pulitzer Prize Committee - Paul Steiger

"In 1994, Tony Horwitz didn't just write about the plight of America's working poor. He went to work himself, on the kill floor of chicekn plants in Mississippi and Arkanses. The result is a shocking expose of a world in which workers are maimed, degraded and discarded in exchange for a poverty wage. . ."

Wall Street Journal  1995-01-23

"The Jungle Revisited" - Tony Horwitz - Wall Street Journal

". . .But not all of the changes in the industry have bettered workers' lives. With increased automation - including, in some plants, the use of robotics and lasers - many jobs have become 'deskilled,' according to Donald Stull, a meatpacking expert at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Workers who once followed individual cattles through the plant, performing many of the skills of a butcher, 'now stand in the same spot, making the same cut thousands of times a day,' he says. This also heightened the risk of cumulative trauma, which contributes to meatpackin'g ranking as the most dangerous industry in America. . ."

Wall Street Journal  1994-12-01

"At Massage Parlors, Image Fits" - Tony Horwitz and Ellen Bugher - Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

"Horwitz agreed to undress at all places visited and consented to nude displays by masseuses. At no point did he solicit sexual acts. When such acts were initiated by a masseuse. Horwitz extricated himself from the situation as quickly as possible."

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel  1984-11-17

"The Lying Game" - Susan Paterno - AJR

"Journalists are then left holding a moral compass, charged with finding ways through the ethical thicket of the First Amendment's liberties...."

American Journalism Review (AJR)American Journalism Review  1977-05-01