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"Undercover Reporter 'Haunted' by Abuse of Patients" - Joe Casey - BBC Panorama

On a near-daily basis, I watched as some of the very people entrusted with the care of society's most vulnerable targeted patients - often, it seemed, for their own amusement. They are scenes of torment that are not easily forgotten.The targets had no way of defending themselves or speaking out. Anyone who questioned the abuse met a wall of silence.

BBC News  2011-05-31

"Good News for Farm Animals and the First Amendment" - Brian J. Buchanan - Knox News

". . .That ruling illustrates the occasional tension between First Amendment freedoms of speech and press and some of society’s other values. The 4th Circuit said the news media could not break the law, that the reporters were indeed guilty of trespassing and breach of employee loyalty. Yet the court also refused to countenance what it called 'an end-run around First Amendment strictures' by Food Lion. . ."

Knox News  2011-06-15

Reaction: "Warns Nursing Homes" - Task Force - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

"Gov. Ogilvie yesterday announced an increase in the number of nursing home inspectors and declared that owners of the homes have 30 days to correct health code violation or be closed. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-04-02

Reaction: "Reveal Recommendations to Improve Nursing Homes" - Task Force - William Jones and Philip Caputo - Chicago Tribune

"A panel of experts that studied nursing home conditions at the request of the Chicago Board of Health has called for an end to profiteering by nursing home owners who are pocketing profits of up to 40 percent. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-04-01

Reaction: "Daley Predicts City to File Suit Against More Nursing Homes" - Task Force - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

"Mayor Daley predicted yesterday that more substandard Chicago nursing homes will be taken to court soon and outlined a series of programs to improve living conditions for the elderly. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-26

Reaction: "Chicago Board of Health Calls Nurse Home Staffs to Account" - Task Force - Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"Employees and operators of six nursing homes were summoned for questioning by Chicago Board of Health officials in closed door hearings which began yesterday into nursing home abuses witnessed by Tribune Task Force reporters and Better Government Association Investigators. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-13

Reaction: "Court Actions Sought Against Rest Homes" - Task Force - William Jones and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"The city Public Health Department called for court action against nine Chicago nursing homes yesterday on charges ranging from unsanitary living conditions to staff shortages, lack of heat and patient neglect. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-23

Reaction: "Percy Predicts Wide Rest Home Reforms" - Task Force - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

"Sen. Percy (R., Ill.) made a surprise inspection of Chicago nursing homes yesterday and predicted that the disclosures of neglect and abuse of the elderly poor here will bring nationwide reforms. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-22

Reaction: "Flay Nursing Home Chiefs" - Task Force - Pamela Zekman and Philip Caputo - Chicago Tribune

"The Illinois Legislative Committee on Public Aid yesterday criticized the directors of three nursing home associations for failing to enforce standards in their industry, and charged that the director of one association had a "laissez-faire" attitude in permitting two of his officers to operate substandard homes for the elderly. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-16

Reaction: "State Vows Cleanup of Nursing Homes" - Task Force - William Jones - Pamela Zekman

"A controversial 32-year-old physician appointed Wednesday by Gov. Ogilvie to crack down on substandard nursing homes promised yesterday to revamp state inspection and insure that the nursing home scandal exposed by The Tribune 'never happens again' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-12

VIII-"Nurse Home Bars Transfer of Patients" - Task Force - William Jones and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"The owner of a nursing home ordered closed by city health officials locked the doors yesterday and refused for six hours to permit the transfer of 33 public aid patients, even though 15 said they wanted to leave. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-11

VII-"Crisis in Nursing Homes is Blamed on State Policy" - William Jones and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"City health officials charged yesterday that the transfer of former mental patients into Chicago area nursing homes since 1969 has created a crisis in care for mentally disturbed and elderly patients. They urged that the transfers be stopped. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-10

VI-"Reporter 'Directs' Home" - Task Force - William Currie - Chicago Tribune

". . . It was his first day on the job, and the young nursing home administrator paced the floor in front of his desk. He had a problem, and he knew it. He was utterly incompetent for the task of administering care to 31 helpless old people, many of them crippled and senile, who lived in the South Side nursing home. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-06

Follow-up: "Nursing Homes Investigators Cite Examples of Good Care" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

". . .Mermelstein, 48, and his wife, Louise, own and operate Balmoral Nursing Home, 2055 W. Balmoral Av., one of nearly 20 nursing homes where Tribune Task Force reporters and Better Government Association investigators worked undercover as nurse's aides, maintenance men and mop boys. At most homes, they quit in disgust after several days of observing patient neglect and abuse. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-05

Reaction: "Nursing Home: 'A Lousy, Horrible Place'" - Task Force - William Jones and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

". . .Dr. Franklin Yoder, Illinois director of public heath, made a surprise inspection of several Chicago nursing homes yesterday and described one of the homes as a 'horrible lousy place' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-05

V-"As 'Patients,' Probers Learn Ordeal of Nursing Home Life" - Task Force - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

". . .What is unusual in these two cases is that both the patients and their "families" were members of the Tribune Task Force and Better Government Association team that spent six weeks investigating every phase of nursing home operation. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-04

Reaction: "Subpena Homes for Elderly" - Task Force - Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

". . .Subpenas were served on Chicago area nursing home operators yesterday as a special federal grand jury opened an investigation into the operations of substandard homes and their dealings with drug suppliers, physicians and the public agencies that pay for patient care. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-04

IVA-"Crippled and Elderly Patients Abused in North Side Home" - Task Force - Philip Caputo - Chicago Tribune

"The toothless old woman, her shoulders bent by age and disease, stood in the kitchen doorway staring at two nurse's aides drinking coffee. Her request was a simple one: she wanted a cup. "Well, you can't have any," one of the aides responded. "Why not?" asked the woman, her arthritic hands clutching a metal walker. "Shut up, frog mouth; we're runnin' this kitchen," the aide snapped. The woman stood expressionless for a moment, then shuffled away to her room. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-03

IV-"Regulations Fail to Aid ' Living Dead'" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

"They describe themselves as the living dead, people who spend the final days of their lives eating, sleeping, staring and, finally, dying. They are the victims of a multimillion-dollar nursing home and shelter care boom in the Chicago area that has mushroomed beyond the control of city and state healthcare officials. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-03

Reaction: "Daley Orders New Laws, Nurse Home Inspections" - Task Force - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

"Mayor Daley yesterday ordered key city department heads to begin immediately to draft ordinances upgrading requirements for nursing home employees. During a two-hour meeting in the mayor's office, Daley also said he has ordered city building, fire and health inspectors to "increase their surveillance" of nursing homes. Daley told reporters that new laws controlling the operation of nursing homes probably will include a specific ratio of nurse's aides and nurses to patients. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-03

III-"Nursing Home's Shaving Time Becomes Torture for Patient" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

"The young man had just begun to mop the filthy floor of the South Side nursing home when he was summoned by a nurse's aide. "Hold this guy's head or I'll never get him shaved," the aide ordered. The old man, his body crippled by a nervous disorder that caused his arms and head to jerk uncontrollably, hadn't been shaved in a week. It was a difficult task at best and today it would quickly become an ordeal. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-02

Reaction: "Halt Nursing Home Funds" - Task Force - Philip Caputo - Chicago Tribune

"The state Public Aid Department announced yesterday it is withholding thousands of dollars in public aid payments to Chicago area nursing homes named in a Tribune series exposing mistreatment and neglect of the elderly poor. George Dunne, County Board president, disclosed plans to remove hundreds of public aid patients from substandard nursing homes in an attempt to force them to close. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-02

Reaction: "Simon Will Ask Nurse Home Probe" - Task Force - William Jones - Chicago Tribune

"Ald. Seymour Simon, who eight years ago as County Board president ordered bus-loads of patients removed from substandard nursing homes, yesterday praised Tribune disclosures of wretched nursing home conditions and said he will seek a City Council investigation. "I would hope that Board of Health and public aid officials will work together quickly to find extra space in good nursing homes for those now living under the conditions found by your reporters," said Simon, an independent Democrat. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-01

II-"Cries for Help from Aged Answered with Brutality" - Task Force - Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"The man and woman had been herded into the bathroom of the North Side nursing home and now they stood naked, facing each other in helpless humiliation. Shivering and self-conscious, the two patients had responded almost mechanically to the orders to undress, barked by a nurse's aide. 'Goddamn it, hurry up. I have no time for you," the aide snapped when they hesitated a moment. The woman stood silent, staring at the floor. Then in a final desperate effort to salvage some dignity from the incident, she clutched a thin sweater to her breasts and protested: 'But he's not my boyfriend' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-01