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Subject is exactly airport security

Reaction: "Gap in Security at Sky Harbor" - Dennis Wagner - The Arizona Republic

". . .Paul Armes was suspended after Channel 15 (KNXV, an ABC affiliate) aired videotape of Sky Harbor employees entering secured areas without having their bags screened by private guards, metal detectors or X-ray machines. Workers breezed through checkpoints with suitcases, backpacks, a cart of newspapers and even a bicycle. . ."

The Arizona Republic  2007-07-24

"TSA Changed Tune After Report" - Good Morning America

". . .That was quite a change from what investigative reporter Lisa Fletcher from Phoenix affiliate KNXV discovered — a 4½-hour nighttime window during which virtually anything could be brought into the secure side of Sky Harbor, the ninth-busiest airport in the nation. During those late-night hours, the X-ray machines were turned off and the metal detectors were closed, which means bags with unknown contents could be carried to the airplane-accessible side of the airport. . ."

"Sky Harbor Security Risks" - Lisa Fletcher - KNXV-TV Phoenix Transcript and Clips

". . .You would think five years after 9/11 airports would be very secure. What your about to see may have you thinking twice about the level of security Sky Harbor Airport is providing. During the day it seems fine..rigorous screening, and thorough checks bu the transportation security administration. At night...late at night, as you'll see, it's a completely different story. . ."

KNXV-TV (Arizona)  2007-07-20

"Weapons Still Fly at Airport" - Maki Becker and Greg Gittrich - New York Daily News

". . .To test the supposedly more stringent security imposed at the nation's airports after the Sept. 11 attacks, Daily News reporters boarded flights over the Labor Day weekend carrying contraband - including box cutters, razor knives and pepper spray. Not a single airport security checkpoint spotted or confiscated any of the dangerous items, all of which have been banned from airports and planes by federal authorities. The four airports where the Sept. 11 terrorists boarded planes - Newark International, Boston's Logan Airport, Washington's Dulles International and Portland International Jetport in Maine - were all breached during The News' undercover investigation. . ."

New York Daily News  2002-09-04

"Fly at Your Own Risk" - David Savini - WBBM-TV (Chicago)

WBBM-TV  2007-11-01