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"Army Trainers Suspended From Role" - Sophie Hutchinson - BBC News (UK)

"It comes as the BBC prepares to screen a report on an undercover investigation into bullying of recruits at the Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire. A reporter who spent six months as an infantry recruit at the base uncovered evidence of physical abuse. . ."

BBC News  2008-09-18

"Brutal Army Bullies 'Ruined My Life'" - BBC News UK

"He said he reported the bullying to a major - but the brutality became worse when the complaint was referred back to the offending corporal. . ."

BBC News  2002-10-22

"'I Did Two Jobs - Reporter and Soldier'" - Russell Sharp - BBC News (UK)

". . .I never forgot why I was there; I had to be the best recruit I could be while at the same time investigating whether the Army had kept its promise to stamp out bullying. In my platoon I saw two corporals lose their temper and break the rules, punching recruits or grabbing them by the neck and throwing them to the ground. . ."

BBC News  2008-09-18