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Subject is exactly children

Willowbrook: The Last Disgrace - Geraldo Rivera - WABC-TV

I-Miracle Merchants: "At Times, I've Wanted to Turn It Off Too" - Graeme Zielinski and David Jackson - Chicago Tribune

"The pitch for sponsors. They are known as "flies-in-the-eyes" commercials. They feature the wrenching images of starving children, their bellies bowed and faces speckled with insects. They tear at your heart . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1998-03-15

"The Unwanted Children of Russia" - Diane Sawyer - ABC News 20/20

ABC News 20/20  1999-01-13

XXII-"City Slave Girls" - Nell Nelson - Chicago Daily Times

What the shop-girl and the factory-girl needs and must have if her welfare concerns society is training - a training that the scholastic stuffing of our public schools does not supply nor the limitation of the Sabbath schools permit.  The pupil children of 10 and 12 who at 14 and 15 swell the ranks of labor must be equipped for the battle of existence if pauper labor is to be averted.  The girl must have a sufficiency of physical culture not only to enable her to protect and preserve her health, but to promote it an to economize her strength for a future generation; she must be taught that if the injury done to her health must be atoned for by her children, and that her wifehood and motherhood is influenced and largely governed by her girlhood and young womanhood.  She must have her eyes and her fingers trained even at the expense of mentality, and some practiced science must be mastered before or in connection with the apostle's creed, the rule for at least common multiples and the population ofthe ten largest citites in the world.  If manual schools can not be opened to girls why not provide a vast kitchen garden where the bright motherly little maiden can mind real live babies, cook real dinners, knit real stockings and hoods, and hem napkins, quilts, rubber cloaks, and ragged garments that will be examined and paid for if satisfactory? 

Chicago Times  1888-08-26