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"Planned Parenthood Agreed to Accept Race-Motivated Donations" - Josiah Ryan - CNS News

( - According to telephone conversations taped by a student pro-life publication, The Advocate, at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), Planned Parenthood locations in Ohio and Idaho agreed to accept money targeted at minorities even when racist intentions were expressed.Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio confirmed to Cybercast News Service that the telephone conversation with a presumed donor occurred in mid-summer 2007, adding that it was not the policy of Planned Parenthood to accept donations specifically to underwrite abortions among minority women.James O' Keefe, a first-year law student and an advisor for the The Advocate, made the telephone call posing as a potential donor to Planned Parenthood of Ohio.The tape begins with a portion of the call in which O'Keefe confirms the location of the Planned Parenthood facility in Columbus, Ohio. According to Lila Rose, the editor-in-chief of The Advocate and a sophomore at UCLA, the tape then cuts to the relevant portion of the call in which O'Keefe offers a donation:

CNS News  2008-07-07

"Stinger: James O’Keefe’s Greatest Hits" - Zev Chafets - New York Times Magazine

"The temperature was hovering near 90 degrees on the afternoon of Memorial Day when James O'Keefe III emerged from the woods and ambled over to my car. He was tall and thin, with pale skin and matted reddish hair. When his mug shot ran in the papers, some people told him he looked like Matthew Modine. Others said Lee Harvey Oswald. On the day I met him, he wore muddy work boots, filthy jeans and, despite the heat, a long-sleeved shirt. “Keeps the mosquitoes off,” he said. All day he was in the outback of a regional park just west of the Hudson, breaking rocks with a pickax to construct a trail. As a boy he was an Eagle Scout, but this wasn’t a nature project. O’Keefe, the man whose video stings helped take down high-ranking people at National Public Radio and led to the demise of Acorn, the nation’s biggest grass-roots community organizing group, was doing federal time. . ."

The New York Times  2011-07-27

"Planned Parenthood - Cleaner Race by 'Helping' Blacks" - Lila Rose, James O'Keefe - UCLA Campus Buzz

Hannity's America features a segment on The Advocate's 7-state investigation into Planned Parenthood's dirty money--employees accept donations from racists to abort Black Babies. Planned Parenthood has been targeting minorities since it was founded by elitist Margaret Sanger, who wanted to use abortion to control and limit minorities...And with almost 80% of Planned Parenthood clinics in minority neighborhoods, with African American women almost 4 times more likely than whites to abort, Planned Parenthood's founder's vision is lived out today...By killing over 1400 Black babies a day, Planned Parenthood and abortion affiliates are accomplishing what the KKK could only dream about...Don't excuse this kind of killing. Demand that the Federal Gov. cut the $300 million a year in tax money that it gives Planned Parenthood.The Advocate is an independent student magazine at UCLA. Go to for the full story.

UCLA Campus BuzzFox News  2008-04-03

"Planned Parenthood Exposed by UCLA Reporter" - Lila Rose and James O'Keefe - UCLA Campus Buzz

Youtube description: "A UCLA Student Reporter went undercover at the Los Angeles Planned Parenthood to expose illegal practices"

UCLA Campus Buzz  2007-05-11

"Caught on Tape: Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring" - Lila Rose & David Schmidt - Live Action

Press Release: A Planned Parenthood manager in New Jersey coaches a man and a woman posing as sex traffickers how to secure secret abortions, STD testing, and contraception for their female underage sex slaves, and make their whole operation “look as legit as possible” in an undercover video released this morning.Clinic manager Amy Woodruff, LPN, of Planned Parenthood Central New Jersey’s Perth Amboy center, warns the pimp and his prostitute to have their trafficked underage girls lie about their age to avoid mandatory reporting laws, promising, “even if they lie, just say, ‘Oh he’s the same age as me, 15,’…it’s just that mainly 14 and under we have to, doesn’t matter if their partner’s the same age, younger, whatever, 14 and under we have to report.” She says, “For the most part, we want as little information as possible.”

Liveaction  2011-02-01

III-"NPR" - Project Veritas - James O'Keefe

On March 8th, Project Veritas released Part 1 of its investigation of National Public Radio, followed by a second release.  The investigation, in which Project Veritas investigators posed as members of a fictional group founded by "members of the Muslim Brotherhood," was widely reported in the media and produced a dramatic response from NPR and its board members. The following video contains a full conversation between Project Veritas' undercover investigator, Simon Templar, and Betsy Liley, NPR's Senior Director of Institutional Giving along with James O'Keefe's call to George Soros' Open Society Foundation. In addition, Project Veritas would like to thank Pamela Geller for her cooperation with Project Muslim Brotherhood.

The Project Veritas  2011-03-17

I-"NPR- Project Veritas Investigates: NPR" - Project Veritas - James O'Keefe

Project Veritas' latest investigation focuses on the publically-funded media organization, National Public Radio.  PV investigative reporters, Shaughn Adeleye and Simon Templar posed as members of the Muslim Action Education Center, a non-existent group with a goal to "spread the acceptance of Sharia across the world." In this first video, produced by James O'Keefe, Shaughn and Simon sit down with NPR Foundation President Ron Schiller.

The Project Veritas  2011-03-08

VI-VIDEO: "ACORN San Diego Child Prostitution Smuggling" - Project Veritas - James O'Keefe

Youtube description: Undercover investigation featuring smuggling and Child Prostitution at ACORN in San Diego.

III-VIDEO: "ACORN DC Prostitution Investigation" - Project Veritas - James O'Keefe

Youtube description: Undercover investigation at ACORN in Washington, DC.

I-VIDEO: "ACORN Baltimore Prostitution Investigation" - Project Veritas - James O'Keefe

Youtube description: "Undercover investigation featuring prostitution, sex trafficking, tax evasion, and money laundering.  

The Project Veritas  2009-09-09

"The NPR Body Count" – Jack Shafer – Slate

"They're stacking former NPR executives like cord wood on 7th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW outside the radio network. Yesterday they carted out NPR CEO Vivian Schiller. The day before, Ronald J. Schiller, NPR's chief fundraiser, got the curb treatment. His resting place was previously occupied by Ellen Weiss, the senior vice president for news—essentially NPR's editor-in-chief—who got the shove from Vivian Schiller in January. None of these key executives had been at their jobs long. Ron Schiller arrived in October 2009. Vivian Schiller became CEO in January 2009, after the NPR board sent the gut wagon to collect Ken Stern, who had only been CEO since October 2006. . ."

Slate  2011-03-10

"NPR video stings ethics too" - James Rainey - Los Angeles Times

Here come the blockbuster news alerts. First: Governor of Wisconsin ready to demonize unions by planting protests with anti-labor thugs. And then this: Top NPR executive cozies up to nefarious Muslims, loathes real, God-fearing Americans.Talk about big news! Talk about changing the conversation! Talk about … a load of hooey, brought to you by your friendly purveyors of ambush "journalism," secret recordings and ham acting designed to draw out the worst in others.

Los Angeles Times  2011-03-11

"Judge for Yourself - NPR's Ron Schiller" - Project Veritas - James O'Keefe

"Project Veritas, in order to offer transparency in reporting, has released the full two-hour video later today related to Part 1 of our NPR Investigation. The video, which is largely the raw video and audio of the entire conversation with NPR Foundation's President Ron Schiller, does contain one brief section in which the audio is redacted in order to ensure the safety of an NPR overseas correspondent. . ."

The Project Veritas  2011-03-08

'Pimp' in ACORN video shares story

"The proposition was outrageous, outlandish and right up James E. O'Keefe III's alley. Hannah Giles was on the phone from Washington, D.C., and she was asking him to dress as her pimp, walk into the offices of the ACORN community activist group, openly admit to wanting to buy a house to run as a brothel and see what happened.It was serendipity, O'Keefe said Thursday. On that day in May, he was still burning mad after watching a YouTube video of ACORN workers breaking padlocks off foreclosed homes and barging in. "I was upset," he said.O'Keefe, 25, packed his grandfather's old wide-brimmed derby hat from his swing-dancing days, his grandmother's ratty chinchilla shoulder throw, and a cane he bought at a dollar store, then drove from his parents' home in northern New Jersey to Washington to execute the idea with Giles, 20.What happened next was a scandal that has shaken ACORN to its core. O'Keefe and Giles secretly videoed ACORN workers in Washington, Brooklyn and Baltimore as they coached the two on how to evade taxes and misrepresent the nature of their business enterprise to get into a home. . ."

The Washington Post  2009-09-19