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Editorial: "What to do about 'Sweatshop'" - Unsigned - Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

What Herald Examiner staff writer Merle Linda Wolin's "Sweatshop" expose has revealed (aside from sometimes inexcusable working conditions in the Los Angeles garment industry and the seeming governmental impotence in improving them) is one incontestable fact: Just as it took an awful lot of people to get the garment industry into the state of decay it is in, it is going to take an awful lot of people to get it out of trouble. Cleaning up our sweatshops will require that everyone - citizen groups, government agencies, and espeically the industry itself - pitch in as a team and help. 

Los Angeles Herald-Examiner  1981-02-08

Editorial: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "The Vote Fraud Tragedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Tribune

"As a direct result of a months' long investigation of vote fraud by The Tribune, 40 persons have been indictment by a federal grand jury. U.S. Atty. James R. Thompson promises that 'our investigation will continue and evidence will be presented...until we are convinced that the last piece of election fraud which can be uncovered will be prosecuted' . . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-18

Editorial: "I Lived in the Slums" - Unsigned - World Telegram & Sun

This is probably the first time we've ever asked our readers to refer to yesterday's paper. But we emphatically urge just that for any readers who may have missed reading the opening article in Woody Klein's "I Lived in a Slum" series.Seldom has a story revealed in such dramatic and explicit terms the atrocious conditions under which more than a million New Yorkers live. Today's article and those that will fellow present further shocking documentation of a great city's shame.

New York World-Telegram and Sun  1959-06-24

'Undercover Student' lessons to be learned

First it should be pointed out that The Tribune does not consider the series the definitive work on the inside of Albuquerque schools. We see it as no more or less than a two-week slice of life inside a big high school.

Albuquerque Tribune  Tuesday, March 15, 1983