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"Anas Aremeyaw Anas: How I named, shamed and jailed" - TedTalks

TedTalks  2013-06-05

"Ghana's Sex Mafia" - Anas Aremeyaw Anas

"Multiple international award-winning undercover reporter, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, goes undercover in this riveting documentary to expose a highly organized human trafficking ring working across the West African sub-region.For years, James Xu Jin, Chou Xiou Ving and Sam Shan Zifan have eluded law enforcement officials with their tricks. They lure poor, innocent and vulnerable Chinese girls into West Africa and force them into prostitution. The girls are held in bondage; their passports are confiscated and the traffickers profit from their sexual enslavement."

"Deadly Gold" - Anas Aremeyaw Anas

"Undercover Times probe reveals Lloyds PPI complaints failures" - Daniel Grote - New Model Adviser

". . .An undercover Times reporter went through the recruitment and training process to work as a complaints handler at Royal Mint Court in London.He was told that some bank salesman had faked PPI information in agreements on loan sales, and that complaint handlers should effectively turn a blind eye to the risk of fraud. . ."

New Model Adviser  2013-06-11

Reaction: "ACORN Exposed" - Matthew Vadum - The American Spectator

". . .The sensational undercover video showed ACORN Housing employees in the group’s Baltimore office trying to help the two journalists set up a brothel. The pair told ACORN employees that underage girls from El Salvador were ready to enter the U.S. and start working as child prostitutes. . ."

The American Spectator  2009-09-14

"Three Pinnacol Board Members go on Luxury Company Trip" - CALL7 - ABC News Denver

". . .The video shows three Pinnacol board members – Board President Gary Johnson, ethics member Debra Lovejoy and board member Ryan Hettich – golfing at $495 a round, staying in rooms that the hotel says start at $695 a night and enjoying dinner and cocktail parties. Johnson brought his wife and Lovejoy was joined by her fiancée. . ."

ABC News  2010-08-12

"Denver Undercover Investigation: Dentists With a Dark Side" - Heidi Hemmat - Fox 31 Denver

". . .We went under cover with hidden cameras and found practicing dentists who previously had their license suspended or revoked.Dentists including Larry Haws. According to Colorado dental board records, Haws issued “over 130 prescriptions” for powerful pain killers to himself. He pleaded guilty to drug possession and was asked by the state to surrender his license in 2002. In an effort to get his license back, Haws agreed to random drug testing. But then he tested positive for Benzodiazepines, another powerful tranquilizer. . ."

Fox News  2012-11-08

"Mads Brügger, 'The Ambassador' Director, Takes Exploitation to a Whole New Level" - Michael Hogan - Huffington Post

". . .Using some hidden cameras but relying mostly on an in-plain-sight Canon 7D, he surreptitiously filmed his interactions with the many scoundrels eager to fleece him -- from shady brokers of diplomatic credentials to the "assistant" who counsels him to make a disastrous business deal. And he indulged in some exploitation of his own, hiring a village of Pygmies to staff up a matchstick factory that, to their eventual disappointment, would never be built. (Every shady diplomat needs a cover story, after all.) But what bothers critics the most, perhaps, is Brügger's habit of prancing around in a preposterous colonial getup, making offensive remarks and generally playing the part of the amoral white chancer to the hilt. . ."

Huffington Post  2012-08-29

"Funeral Workers' Insult to the Dead" - Nikki Murfit - Mail Online (UK)

"A shocking new documentary shows staff from one of the country’s biggest funeral firms making lewd and racist comments towards the dead and their families.An undercover reporter spent three months working for Gillman Funeral Services, which has six branches in South London and is part of Funeral Partners Ltd, owners of 70 UK funeral businesses. In scenes certain to upset viewers, staff show a blatant disrespect for the bodies of the deceased in their care, even chanting ‘Chelsea scum’ at one before sealing his coffin. While driving a body in a hearse, staff watch pornography on a mobile phone, and when collecting one woman’s ashes they joke that her favourite song was Shake, Rattle And Roll. . ."    

Mail Online  2012-09-22

"Undercover Reporter Reveals Conditions at Foxconn iPhone Factory" - Charlie Osborne - ZD Net

". . .Potentially reopening the controversy around Apple partner Foxconn's Chinese factories, the reporter was put through an intensive 7-day orientation, in which he was shown the living quarters, where he would eat, and how to assemble his assigned portion of the new phone model. . ."

ZD NetThe Next Web - TNW - blogShanghai Evening Post  2012-09-12

"Vietnam: Four-Year Jail Sentence For Undercover Reporting Into Police Corruption" - Unsigned - Eurasia Review

". . .Khuong, who has been held since January, was convicted of giving bribes to police officers. He was arrested after writing two stories about police corruption for which he did some undercover reporting, posing as a traffic offender pretending to bribe a policeman. . ."

Eurasia Review  2012-09-07

"Undercover Detective at Heart of 'Operation CUP' Investigation" - Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

". . .Ronald Bayless, a former Pinellas County sergeant, and Ronald Mock, a former Tampa narcotics detective, were veteran law enforcement officers in their mid 30s when they accepted Paso County Sheriff John M. Short's offer to help clean up a serious drug smuggling problem in East Pasco County. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1983-12-07

"Indictment Sparks Anger—and Jubilation" - Jan Glidewell, Jeff Testerman and Dan LeDuc - St. Petersburg Times

". . .At the other end of the spectrum was Dade City lawyer Charles Waller. Waller, a target of a questionable drug investigation code-named 'Clean Up Pasco,' or CUP, watched on television as WTVT-Channel 13 broke into a soap opera to announce the indictment. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1984-08-25

"Study Critical of Sheriff's Department" - Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

"The National Sheriff's Association has criticized the way Pasco County Sheriff John M. Short runs his department in a 60-page report that recommends a host of changes. Short requested the management study earlier this year in response to a series of St. Petersburg Times stories critical of the way he runs his department. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1984-05-05

"Deputies With Special Ties to Short Get Special Treatment" - Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

". . .Pasco County Deputies Al Denning and Victor Morris were fired for taking an unauthorized coffee break - in a department where other deputies survived despite the fact that they filed false police reports, flunked polygraph tests and associated with organized crime figures. Deputies with special ties to Sheriff John M. Short frequently escape serious punishment while others are fired over minor infractions, according to files reviewed by the Times over the past seven months. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1984-02-26

"Pasco Sheriff Reveals 53 Hirees Had Records" - Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

"An internal investigation at the Pasco County Sheriff's Department has discovered that 53 of the 360 employees on the sheriff's payroll in February had arrest records. The internal investigation was sparked by a St. Petersburg Times report that at least 25 of the 195 sworn deputies and corrections officers had criminal arrest records. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1984-06-21

"Pasco Sheriff Spurs Challenge on Radio Show" - Lucy Morgan and Jack Reed - St. Petersburg Times

". . .In an emotional phone call broadcast Friday morning by WDCF in Dade City, realtor Lewis Abraham asked Short either to deny that the sheriff's office ever investigated him or to submit himself to an examination that would determine if Short was lying. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1983-12-17

"Pasco Department Hired Girls, 17 and 18, as Drug Informants" - Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

"As part of a drug investigation, the Pasco County sheriff's Department once installed a 17-year-old runaway and her 18-year-old friend in a mobile home, where the young women sometimes traded sex for drugs. The mother of the 17-year-old girl had already reported her daughter as a runaway and had asked the Sheriff's Department for help in finding the girl, a juvenile. Meanwhile she was being used in the investigation without her parents' knowledge. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1984-05-06

"Some Deputies Had Records Before Being Hired" - Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

". . .Before hiring anyone to be a law enforcement officer, the state demands that a police or sheriff's department certify that the applicant has been subject to a 'thorough background investigation' and is 'satisfied' that the person is of 'good moral character' . . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1984-02-26

"Public Duties, Private Business Overlap in Pasco" - Jack Reed and Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

"On the afternoon of November 9, people passing the Pasco County Sheriff's office in New Port Richey saw a hearse parked out front. It remained there for about three hours. Inside, no one was dead. A spokesman for Crain S&S Sales a funeral home supply company, says a company salesman was merely showing his wares to Sheriff John M. Short and Roger Michels, the sheriff's assistant director of administration. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1983-12-11

"Sheriff Rented to Firm with Questionable Ties" - Jack Reed - St. Petersburg Times

"Wearing the hats of public official and private landlord as Pasco County Sheriff John M. Short does can be embarrassing at times. When Short's former captain Joe Donahue was indicted by a federal grand jury in March for accepting bribes from Vincenzo 'Jimmy' Acquafredda, a garbage company with ties to Acquafredda was renting an office from Short. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1983-12-11

"Pasco County Sheriff Had Secret Target List" - Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

"Pasco County Sheriff, John M. Short investigated a number of prominent East Pasco residents as suspected drug smugglers in a secret, privately financed undercover operation in 1961-62. The investigation, which produced no arrests, apparently focused on men who had earned the enmity of Short or John T. Moorman, a wealthy part-time deputy and Short associate who helped finance the operation. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1983-12-03

"Towing Woes" - Dave Savini - IRE Journal

". . .Towing companies act as middlemen for charities. In some cases, charities directly hire tow operators. In other cases, when a charity recieves a call that someone wants to donate a car, it passes that information to an organization that handles car donation programs. That company in turn hires towing companies to pick up the car and either sell or scrap it. A portion of the proceeds are supposed to go to the charity. But officials say that was not always the case with two towing operators: O'Hare Kars and Royal Auto and Towing. . ."

IRE Journal  2006-07-01

"The Comeback Id" - Todd S. Purdum - Vanity Fair

". . .To know Clinton is, sooner or later, to be exasperated by his indiscipline and disappointed by his shortcomings. But through it all, it has been easy enough to retain an enduring admiration—even affection—for a president whose sins against decorum and the dignity of his office seemed venial in contrast to the systemic indifference, incompetence, corruption, and constitutional predations of his successor’s administration. That is, easy enough until now. . ."

Vanity Fair  2008-07-01