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Subject is exactly immigrants

"A Day in the Immigrant's Home" - John Stanley James - The Argus (Melbourne AU)

 "What is a home? Turning to the dictionaries I find it variously described as a 'place of constant residence;' . . . And so I think the Immigrants' Home is misnamed. Certainly, as a place of constant residence, it is not the home desired by immigrants or to be pointed out as a great inducement to bring people 12,000miles acaross the sea to settle in Victoria. It is not their own house or private dwelling, and if peole dwell together there it cannot be said to be the above of their affections.. . . "

The Argus  1876-04-29

"Immigrants with No Criminal History Get Lengthy Stays at Private South Florida Facility" - Megan O'Matz - WPTV

". . .In a daring move, two young adults, both illegal immigrants brought by their families to the United States as children, turned themselves in to gain access to the center and expose what they claimed were human rights abuses and policy violations by federal authorities.Once inside, they said they found people unjustly arrested and subjected to lengthy and unnecessary confinement, and reported incidents of substandard or callous medical care, including a woman taken for ovarian surgery and returned the same day, still bleeding, to her cell, and a man who urinated blood for days but wasn't taken to see a doctor. . ."

WPTV  2013-01-06

“Mexico’s ‘Mordida’: Bribes Are a Way of Life—and Death" - Mike Goodman and Patt Morrison - Los Angeles Times

"In America, it is the bribe."In Russia, it is the 'vzyatka.' "And in Mexico, they call it 'mordidia,' the bite -- so much a way of life that even the dead are not beyond the power of a well-placed peso. . . . "

Los Angeles Times  1977-02-09