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"Undercover Explorations of the 'Other Half,' or the Writer as Class Transvestite" - Eric Schocket - Representations

". . .I have termed such tales of temporary guise, "class-transvestite narratives," a phrase that best describes their attempts to close epistemological gaps through cross-class impersonation. Although Crane's experiment in class transvestism is the best known of this type, its methodology and goals were hardly unique. Between the depression of the early 1890s and the progressive reforms of the 1910s, a number of white middle-class writers, journalists, and social researchers "dressed down" in order to traverse with their bodies what they saw as a growing gulf between the middle class and the white working and lower classes. Like Crane, these disguised investigators recognized the inherent difficulty of social knowledge in an economi-cally segmented society: Perceptions based on a sympathetic middle-class point of view were for them as inaccurate as those informed by the sensationalized reports in the daily press. Recognizing the impossibility of both an Archimedean point outside a classed subjectivity and what WilliamJames called the particular "blind- ness" of "looking at life with the eyes of a remote spectator," these explorers attempted to move "inside" and collapse the distance between subject and object into one performative, narrational "body." . . ."

Representations  1998-10-01

"Undercover in Syria's Kurdish Region" - Orla Guerin - BBC News

". . .The fate of this area has implications beyond Syria. Iraq, Iran and Turkey have their own Kurdish populations. With a combined total of about 30 million, they are the world's largest stateless people.Our Correspondent Orla Guerin has spent 5 days under cover in Syria's Kurdish region and sent this report. . ."

BBC News  2012-08-16

"Chiquita Secrets Revealed" - Cameron McWhirter and Mike Gallagher - The Cincinnati Enquirer

". . .Chiquita - alone among America's giant banana companies - has waged an international five-year campaign to overturn the EU's banana trade restrictions.  The restrictions are a complex system of tariffs and quotas that place limits on how many Central American bananes can be brought into Western Europe. The reason for the campaign is simple: The amount of profit that Chiquita realizes for its bananas is greater in Europe than anywhere else in the world. And Chiquita dominates the European market. . ."

The Cincinnati Enquirer  1998-05-03

VI- "Real Answers Never Show Up on Radar, Passengers Say" - Evan Osnos - Chicago Tribune

". . .Often accidentally, but sometimes deliberately, airlines give customers inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent information. It begins before they ever buy a ticket -- with unevenly defined "on-time arrival" formulas that muddy performance comparisons -- and persists after they return home, with different airlines setting different times to start the clock for the industry's commitment to return lost luggage within 24 hours. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  2000-11-20

II- "Amid Luxury, County Aides Contemplate More Taxes" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

 ". . .Evidence of how seriously county officials have taken this responsibility can be seen in their total ignorance of the prices of individual items of furniture they ordered. Even records in the County purchasing department failed, with few exceptions, to contain item-by-item details of cost. It was only after an exhaustive investigation that Tribune Task Force reporters and Better Government Association investigators were able to piece together a detailed accounting of expenditures so far. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-01-10

"The Points At Issue" - Tom Fiedler - Miami Herald

"Gary Hart's press conference at Dartmouth College on Wednesday raised new conflicts between his earlier statements and those of Donna Rice, campaign advisor William C. Broadhurst and events witnessed by The Miami Herald. . ."

Miami Herald  1987-05-07

"Private Lives Public Business in Presidential Campaign" - Heath Meriwether - Miami Herald

". . .We conducted surveillance of Hart's capitol Hill townhouse from the public streets. We didn't hide in the bushes or peep in windows, as Hart's campaign manager has suggested. And when the candidate seemed aware of our presence, we broke off our suveillance and went to him with our questions. We then published our story. . ."

Miami Herald  1987-05-05

Follow-Up: "Walker is Urged to Sign Legislation Regulating Bill Collection Agencies" - Pamela Zekman and William Gaines

". . .The bill sponsored by Rep. L. Michael Getty (D., Dolton), prohibits freewheeling use of abusive collection tactics like those uncovered during a six-week Tribune Task Force investigation and requires that agencies be bonded and registered with the Department of Registration and Education. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-07-07

"Doing Business with the Boss in Pasco" - Jack Reed and Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

"When Pasco County Sheriff John M. Short wants to buy or sell a piece of property or find a business partner, he often turns to his employees. While building his personal wealth, the sheriff has done business with at least eight subordinates and surrounded himself with fellow entrepreneurs. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1983-12-11

"Pasco Sheriff Short Indicted" - Lucy Morgan - St. Petersburg Times

". . .Governor Bob Graham appointed Phillips as interim sheriff today. He'll take over at noon today when the suspension of Sheriff John M. Short is effective. . ."

St. Petersburg Times  1984-08-25

"Phantom Classes" - Marla Jo Fisher - IRE Journal

"The tip sounded promising, but nothing to write home about. A parent e-mailed our editor, claiming his teenage sons in high school had received college credit for taking sports classes they signed up for, but never actually attended. Andy Carl told Scott M. Reid, The Orange County Register's sports investigative reporter, that his sons, James and Nathan, had been ordered by the athletic director to fill out college enrollment forms and return them, along with the rest of those in the sixth-period athletic program. . ."

IRE Journal  2003-03-01

"Bottled Dreams" - Dick J. Reavis - Dallas Observer

". . .It was mid-October, and I was spending my days at the main library, eyes peeled for a story to write while my mobility returned. My colleagues and editors has gone through ethical spasms about the need for me to tell the winos that I was reporting on the, but all of that was beside the point. Nobody had asked if I might be doing a job, and when I told people that I was a journalist in real life, they thought I was just telling a wino tale. I had become one of the crowd, because I looked the part. . ."

Dallas Observer  1992-12-17

"John Edwards Admits Affair" - The National Enquirer

". . .Edwards also confessed The ENQUIRER was correct when it reported he had visited Hunter at the Beverly Hills Hilton last month. His wife had not known about the meeting. . ."

The National Enquirer  2008-08-08

“By a Back Door to the U.S.: A Migrant’s Grim Sea Voyage; Dangerous Passage: From Ecuador by Sea” - Ginger Thompson and Sandra Ochoa - New York Times

". . .In collaboration with The New York Times, a reporter from El Tiempo, a newspaper in Cuenca, Ecuador, took the eight-day voyage, covering 1,100 nautical miles from a cove near this scruffy Ecuadorean beach resort to the northern coast of Guatemala. Her journey as a client of smugglers -- and sometimes a hostage -- provides a rare look inside one small part of the vast pipeline that carries untold numbers of migrants to the United States each year. . ."

The New York Times  2004-06-13

"Sky Harbor Security Risks" - Lisa Fletcher - KNXV-TV Phoenix Transcript and Clips

". . .You would think five years after 9/11 airports would be very secure. What your about to see may have you thinking twice about the level of security Sky Harbor Airport is providing. During the day it seems fine..rigorous screening, and thorough checks bu the transportation security administration. At night...late at night, as you'll see, it's a completely different story. . ."

KNXV-TV (Arizona)  2007-07-20

"Ethics Apply to Indie Media, Too" - Brett Noble - Daily Bruin

". . .The third-year history student founded The Advocate, a student-run anti-abortion magazine that has challenged polices of UCLA's Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center and Planned Parenthood, using hidden cameras and tape recorders to report on alleged illegal health care activities. . ."

Daily Bruin  2008-03-10

"L.A.'s Giant Jail Is a Giant Headache" - William Hart - Corrections

"It is size - sheer immensity - that is the first and the last principle of the Los Angeles County Central Jail. It is this simple, stunning fact that sparks both the pride of the men and women who run it and the problems that today besiege what is said to be the largest jail in the world. The operation of the Central Jail's morning "court line," in which up to 1,000 inmates are awakened, fed, given civilian clothes, chained and shepherded into 30 buses during a two-hour period, has been called "the daily miracle" by Art Stoyanoff, chief of the Custody Division of the L.A. Sheriff's Department. . ."

Corrections  1980-01-02