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Subject is exactly lived undercover

"Alone, Among Neo-Nazis" - Igal Avidan - Israel Hayom

". . .Shortly after that first concert near his house in 1997, Kuban began to lead a double life. During the day, he worked as a journalist writing stories about the racist music scene under numerous fictitious bylines. At nights and during weekends, he dug up information about skinheads. . ."

Israel Hayom  2012-10-12

"Retirement homes: Seniors need more protection" - Dale Brazao - Toronto Star

"Star reporter Dale Brazao spent a week living undercover in one of Toronto’s worst retirement homes. He found seniors with advanced dementia struggling helplessly, residents sitting for hours in feces-filled diapers, bathrooms without toilet paper or clean towels, bad food, broken appliances and underpaid workers. Yet Elaine Lindo, owner of In Touch Retirement Living, claimed: “We are one of the best in the city and everybody knows that.” The Star has published horror stories like this for years. Yet the abuses continue."

Toronto Star  2010-10-03