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"Liberal Democrats to step up demands for lobbyist register as Patrick Mercer scandal grows and peers are snared by undercover reporters" - Brian Brady and Paul Cahalan - The Independent

". . .The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, is expected to demand the Government honours its commitment to establish an official register of lobbyists, in the wake of allegations that Mr Mercer, a Tory MP, lobbied on behalf of Fiji after being paid thousands of pounds by undercover reporters. . ."

The Independent (UK)  2013-06-02

"MP Patrick Mercer quits Tory whip Over Panorama lobbying inquiry" - Unsigned - BBC News

". . .A clip of Mr Mercer being filmed undercover has been released by Panorama. It shows the MP meeting with an undercover reporter, who was posing as a representative of the fake company.Mr Mercer can be heard saying: "I do not charge a great deal of money for these things. I would normally come out at £500 per half day, so £1,000 a day." The undercover reporter replies: "Ok fine." Panorama said it had paid Mr Mercer £4,000 for working two days a month at a rate of £2,000 per month, but that the money had yet to be declared to the parliamentary authorities. . ."

BBC News  2013-05-31

I-"The King of the Lobby" - Nellie Bly - New York World

"I was a Lobbyist last week. I went up to Albany to catch a professional briber in the act. I did. . . . ."From the precede: "To Nellie Bly was entrusted the by no means easy task of not only discovering who was at the head of the 'Third House' but of receiving detailed and exact evidence of how bills are killed or forced through the Legislature. This mission Nellie Bly undertook and carried through with success at every point."

New York World  1888-04-01