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"Layers of Truth and Life in Iraq" - Borzou Daragahi - Los Angeles Times

". . .We were in a mostly Shiite Muslim part of the country, so I stuck to my cover story: I was an Iranian headed to Najaf, one of the thousands of Shiite pilgrims who make their way there each month to pay their respects at the shrine of Imam Ali.He demanded to see my passport. To my surprise and terror, he thumbed through it. Then he calmly looked up and asked, "Where's your entry stamp?" I had no answer. I had entered Iraq with my U.S. passport, which I wouldn't dare bring with me on the road. I froze. Since first arriving in Iraq 4 1/2 years ago, first as a freelance reporter and then as the Los Angeles Times bureau chief, I had kept up the pretense that I was playing it safe. . ."

Los Angeles Times  2007-04-10

“Juvenile Hall: Powder Keg of Rage, Racism" - Mike Goodman - Los Angeles Times

"This account of conditions at the hall located near County-USC Medical Center was compiled from legislative testimony, hall statistics, interviews with hall counselors, hall management, county probation sources and state officials, and in first-hand accounts by youngsters. Because most of the interviews were secured without official approval, the sources must remain unnamed."The findings were also borne out by an unsupervised, and unauthorized, inspection of the hall by a Times reporter . . . . "

Los Angeles Times  1974-05-17

"Deception - Honest Tool of Reporting?" - David Shaw - Los Angeles Times

A reporter for the Detroit News poses as a Michigan congressman to prove how lax security is at a treaty-signing ceremony on the White House lawn.A reporter for the Los Angeles Times poses as a graduate student in psychology working in a state mental hospital to expose conditions there.A reporter for the Wall Street Journal works three weeks on an assembly line in a large plant to investigate charges that the company routinely violates labor practicesAre these unethical activities? ...

Los Angeles Times  1979-09-20