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Subject is exactly low wage worker

"The Amazon Archipelago" - Ida Ince - Critical Legal Thinking

". . .Con­trol is abso­lute: the work­ers are under 24 hour sur­veil­lance. They work under guard, they eat at the guards’ behest. They travel under guard. They are put into and taken from their rooms by guards. If they are not ready on time, either because they are asleep or in the shower, the guards enter the cramped quar­ters to hurry them on their way. . ."

Critical Legal Thinking  2013-02-15

"I Was a Slave in Puglia" - Fabrizio Gatti - L'Espresso (Italy)

"The boss wears a white shirt, black trousers and dusty shoes. He's from Puglia, but he hardly speaks Italian. To make himself understood he seeks the assistance of his bodyguard, a Maghrebin who is in charge of keeping everything under control in the fields. "Find out what this guy wants. If he's looking for work, tell him we don't need anyone, today." The boss speaks in dialect and drives away in his SUV. . . ."

L'Espresso  2006-09-04