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"Did a Post Photographer Cross a Line to Get a Picture of John Hinckley?" - Andrew Alexander, Ombudsman - Washington Post

"News organizations often struggle with where to draw the liine on privacy and whether to comply with prohibitions that can be excessively restrictive. Sometimes, they consciously violate the rules -- explicit or implied -- for the public good. Several years ago {Michel) duCille visited a patient treatment center with cameras hidden in a gym bag to document substandard conditions at Walter Reed Army Medica Center . . . "

The Washington Post  2010-05-02

II-"Among the Maniacs" - Julius Chambers - New York Tribune

The New York Tribune  1872-08-31

"The Nellie Brown Mystery" - Unsigned - New York World

"A modest, comely well-dressed girl of nineteen who gave her name as Nellie Brown, was committed by Justice Duffy at Essex Market yesterday for examination as to her sanity. The circumstances surrounding her were such as to indicate that possibly she might be the heroine of an interesting story . . . ."

New York World  1887-10-09

Behind Asylum Bars-Followup: "THE WORLD Their Savior" - Unsigned - New York World

". . . The city paid "$1.498,800 last year for maintenance of paupers and the insane. IF the abuses among the insane were to be remedied, President Simmons said, the appropriation for the coming year must be $2,121,152. The Mayor and other members of the Board appeared to believe that the outrages, so graphically described in THE WORLD, were the result of a scanty supply of funds. Almost the entire amount asked for was allowed provisionally. Within a few days the Board will visit the institutions, and, after having ascertained their real needs, will finally pass upon the appropriation for their maintenance. . . ."

"Among the Mad" - Nellie Bly - Godey's Lady's Book

Godey's Lady's Book  1889-01-01

Followup: "Central State Woes Reflected at East State Hospital" - Frank Sutherland - Nashville Tennessean

The Nashville Tennessean  1974-02-10

IX-"State Mental Hospitals 'Could Lose Millions'" - Frank Sutherland - Nashville Tennessean

The Nashville Tennessean  1974-01-29

VII-"State Help Dire Need at Hospital" - Frank Sutherland - Nashville Tennessean

The Nashville Tennessean  1974-01-27

VI-"'Ward Meeting' Breaks Silence" - Frank Sutherland - Nashville Tennessean

The Nashville Tennessean  1974-01-25

IX-"Seven Days in the Madhouse!" - Frank Smith - Chicago Daily Times

"The water used for cooking and drinking at the madhouse is obtained from two deep wells. It is good water, at the start, when it is discharged from the wells. But after that it is subject to contamination from a number of sources. The well water is collected in an open concrete reservoir of two million gallons capacity at the well site. This reservoir, looking like an ideal swimming pool, is close to the Kankakee river. A wire fence surrounds the pool to exclude inquisitive inmates. It fails in its purpose. It offers no protection against animals dust or dirt."

Chicago Daily Times  1935-07-25