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Subject is exactly posed as an unfortunate

"Tennessee pastor goes undercover as homeless man for week" - Tim Parrish - Gannett Tennessee

". . .Pastor Willie's wife, Suzette, dropped him off in downtown Clarksville early Monday morning, June 17, and he lived on the street through the morning of Friday, June 21. In those four and a half days, he learned a great deal about the homeless, the working poor who face hunger daily and those in need of spiritual and emotional help. It was not comfortable. . ."

Gannett Tennessee  2013-07-08

"In the Magdalen Home" - Nellie Bly - New York World

"Dressed to suit the character I wished to represent, I went late one evening to East Eighty-eighth street. I saw an old-fashioned building surrounded by a high brick wall, and I knew without looking for the number that it was the institution I wanted...."

New York World  1888-02-12