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Subject is exactly posed as funeral worker

"Funeral Workers' Insult to the Dead" - Nikki Murfit - Mail Online (UK)

"A shocking new documentary shows staff from one of the country’s biggest funeral firms making lewd and racist comments towards the dead and their families.An undercover reporter spent three months working for Gillman Funeral Services, which has six branches in South London and is part of Funeral Partners Ltd, owners of 70 UK funeral businesses. In scenes certain to upset viewers, staff show a blatant disrespect for the bodies of the deceased in their care, even chanting ‘Chelsea scum’ at one before sealing his coffin. While driving a body in a hearse, staff watch pornography on a mobile phone, and when collecting one woman’s ashes they joke that her favourite song was Shake, Rattle And Roll. . ."    

Mail Online  2012-09-22