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XIV-Medicaid Probe: "Bureaucracy Choking in Attempts at Control" - William Sherman - New York Daily News

Medicaid has become an unmanageable monster in New York City, consuming billions of tax dollars while failing to keep its promise of an effective system of responsible health care for the poor.Its $1.3 billion annual budget will increase at the rate of 10% a year, according to city officials. Moreover, the cost has been bloated with the billing abuses of many doctors and other providers who operate on a fee for service basis that is loosely audited and relies on the practitioner's honor.

New York Daily News  1973-02-11

XIII-Medicaid Probe: "Drawing a Map of Land of Nod"- William Sherman - New York Daily News

Addicts with medicaid cards have found a doctor's office on the lower East Side where they can obtain prescriptions for tranquilizers and hypnotic drugs at a cost to the city of about $15 a pop.Each day, dozens of drowsy, incoherent addicts and methadone maintenance patients pass through the medical-dental facilities at 104 Avenue B, where they sit for a quick examination by Dr. Leonard Parr and in almost every case, walk out with prescriptions for one or more of the drugs - some of which can be addictive.

New York Daily News  1973-02-10

XII-Medicaid Probe: "City Gives Dr. Hi Billmore Shot of Comedownance" - William Sherman - New York Daily News

When doctors met Health Department attorney Stuart Laurence, they usually begin with loud protests of innocence and agonizing tales of self-sacrifice and good works.By the time the meetings are over, many of the physicians and other professionals who are called in by the score to answer to fraud charges and other abuses of the medicaid program are mewing soft apologies, making promises of good behavior, and are ready to sing checks for restitution.

New York Daily News  1973-02-08