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"Janeane From Des Moines" - Grace Lee - Documentary

"Hart Departs" - Herald Staff - Miami Herald

". . .Mr. Hart was correct in his complaint that personal affairs should not eclipse public discussion of foreign policy, of arms control, of defense readiness, and of Federal budgets. His error was in asserting that his own views on these issues were so brilliant that the flawed character and judgement evident in his dalliances should be overlooked. . ."

Miami Herald  1987-05-09

"Now the Cover-Up" - Herald Staff - Miami Herald

"Gary Hart now has added lying to his previously documented demonstrations of bad judgement. The Democratic Presidential candidate is behaving in the classic pattern of a man trapped by public disclosure of his own actions: he is shading the truth. . ."

Miami Herald  Thursday, May 7, 1987

"The Points At Issue" - Tom Fiedler - Miami Herald

"Gary Hart's press conference at Dartmouth College on Wednesday raised new conflicts between his earlier statements and those of Donna Rice, campaign advisor William C. Broadhurst and events witnessed by The Miami Herald. . ."

Miami Herald  1987-05-07

"Some Hart Aides Admit Anger Over His Judgement" - Robert S. Boyd - Miami Herald

". . .ABC News released a poll Tuesday indicating that Hart's big lead over other Democratic presidential candidates had fallen 10 points after the allegations. . ."

Miami Herald  Wednesday, May 6, 1987

"Hart Ratings Plunge in National Surveys" - Miami Herald

"The unfavorable rating Gary Hart recieved in nationwide polls has doubled, ranging from 26 percent to 40 percent, two polls showed Thursday. . . More than half of the respondents, 56 percent. said The Miami Herald- the newspaper that broke the story - was not fair to Hart, and half the voters did not think wuestions about candidate's sex lives are appropriate. . ."

Miami Herald  1987-05-08

"Private Lives Public Business in Presidential Campaign" - Heath Meriwether - Miami Herald

". . .We conducted surveillance of Hart's capitol Hill townhouse from the public streets. We didn't hide in the bushes or peep in windows, as Hart's campaign manager has suggested. And when the candidate seemed aware of our presence, we broke off our suveillance and went to him with our questions. We then published our story. . ."

Miami Herald  1987-05-05

"Pictures With Woman Helped End Campaign" - Owen Ullmann - Miami Herald

". . .Post reporters checked out the material and concluded by Wednesday night that it was accurate. A Post reporter covering the Hart campaign in New Hampshire told Hart press secretary Kevin Sweeney about the material late that night. The reporter tried to ask Hart directly about the material. Hart was informed immediately about the material but would not talk to the reporter. . ."

Miami Herald  1987-05-09

"Hart to Drop Presidential Bid" - Robert S. Boyd, Carl Cannon and Paul Nussbaum - Miami Herald

". . .Faced with the prospect of another damaging allegation of a relationship with a woman other than his wife, the 50-year-old former Colorado senator abruptly broke off his quest for the White House Thursday and flew home with his wife, Lee, from a campaign swing in New Hampshire. . ."

Miami Herald  1987-05-08

"Bird-Dogging the Bush Vote" - Wells Tower - Harper's Magazine

". . .I am, at the moment, one of the thousands of constituent devices that make up the most aggressive and state-of-the-art piece of campaign machinery the G.O.P. has ever brought to bear on a presidential race. I'm here because several weeks ago, as I and a few dozen million other Americans were fretting over how we might possible ward off another four years of George W. Bush, I decided to come to Florida and undertake a vigil for election-theft tactics from inside the Bush campaign's grass-roots ranks. . ."

Harper's  2005-03-01

"I Was an Obama Volunteer" - Mike Newall - Philadelphia City Paper

". . .I also wanted an up-close-in-action glimpse of this idea of 'empowered democracy,' the supposedly self-transformational precept pumping through the bloodlines of Obama's candidacy. (Remember, he's not just asking you to believe in his ability to bring about change, he's asking you to believe in yours.) The candidate has promised that his is a truly bottom-up campaign driven by the creative energies of volunteers rather than Washington wags. I wanted to see how Philadelphians handled their newfound empowerment. . ."

Philadelphia City Paper  2008-04-16

"I Was a Clinton Volunteer" - Tom Namako - Philadelphia City Paper

". . .When my editors put me up to this, I wanted to tackle some big questions: Would we Philadelphians truly be the "deciders" of a presidential primary? How does national politics operate on a local level? And who are these legendary Clintons, who draw both fanatical love and hate? I wanted to know these things in a truthful way, not through the spin of some campaign flack. But by 9:30 a.m., just a week after this office opened, my desire for knowing became much simpler: Where the hell were these people? . . ."

Philadelphia City Paper  2008-04-16