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Subject is exactly sexual predators

"Selling Innocence" - Dave Savini - IRE Journal

". . .I soon spotted young girls in bikinis walking out of Smith's Chicago home. I noticed still and video cameras, and made a positive identification of Smith based on a mug shot we obtained through local police sources. Immediately, I called Rubenstein in our Chicago newsroom. She rushed to the scene with our photographer and undercover equipment. During our stakeout, we wrote down license plate numbers of the models old enough to drive. . ."

IRE Journal  2002-07-01

"Sex Slaves" - Ester Bienstock - PBS Frontline

PBS  2006-02-07

"Girls for Sale" - Cynthia McFadden, Diane Sawyer - ABC News 20/20

ABC News 20/20  1998-03-18

"Rescued From Sex Slavery" - Rebecca Leung - CBS 48 Hours

CBS News  2005-02-23

IV-"To Catch A Predator: Greenville, Ohio, Part I" - Chris Hansen - NBC Dateline

Dateline NBC  2006-03-31

"Dateline: To Kill a Predator" - Jesse Wegman - Huffington Post

"Well, Dateline: you finally got what you wanted - a live execution, with cameras rolling. Are you satisfied? A man is dead, technically by his own hand: Louis Conradt, an assistant district attorney in a small Texas town, about to be arrested for chatting online with and planning to meet a minor (he thought) for sex. He did not actually leave his house, but he did talk about it online, and in Texas that's enough to constitute a crime. So the cops descend on his bungalow with Dateline in tow, and they get the goods, if not the guy: a loud bang echoes from inside the house as their cameras approach. Moments later, Conradt is wheeled out on a stretcher, his bloody hair waving in the breeze."

Huffington Post  2007-02-23