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Reaction: "Nursing Home Closed" - William Jones and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

". . .Dr. Murray Brown, city health commissioner, yesterday ordered a South Side nursing home closed and directed the owners to immediately begin transferring an estimated 81 patients to other homes. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1971-03-06

V-"Bill Collectors Here Show No Fear of the Law" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

". . .The result is a different mentality in Illinois, a mentality that tells the unscrupulous collector he can try anything and 'push 'em till they break.' 'In the state of Washington, we look to the collection agency to do what it says it will do,' said Charlie King, director of the state's collection agency board. 'If they don't, it will be considered an idle threat, and using idle threats in collections is against the law' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-11

IV-"Fear: The Collectors' Trump Card" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

". . .Mrs. Curtis, like many Americans, had found herself in a financial crisis, a category that 97 percent of the collectors' prey fall into, according to collection industry sources. Only 3 percent of debtors have no intention of paying their bills, according to these sources. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-10

III-"Federal Jury to Investigate Bill Collectors" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

"A federal grand jury investigation was ordered yesterday into alleged abusive practices of debt collection agencies which were uncovered by The Tribune. A special consumer fraud task force was assigned by U.S. Atty. James R. Thompson to investigate alleged terror tactics and fraudulent practices of agencies named in citizen complaints and exposed by The Tribune Task Force. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-09

II-"Bill Collector's Tactics: 'Everything We Do Here is Borderline Illegal'" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

". . .Marshal Zeidman, 39, Chicago's self-proclaimed master craftsman in the deceit and trickery of bill collecting, had won again. He knew the court order was flawless. He had written it himself. And tho Zeidman is many things, he is not an attorney and his office is not a courtroom. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-08

"'Don't Be Easy on Her, Step On Her'" - Task Force - Robert Unger and William Crawford - Chicago Tribune

". . .Donald Saville isn't just talking a good game. He delivers. Or, rather, Mark Sales delivers. That's the name that Saville's 'backbone, spunk, pride, and guts' hide behind when he takes to the telephone. He is good at his job, as much a seasoned actor as a convincing collector. Once he gets his prey on the line, his monolog is pat. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-07

I-"Bill Collector Terror Tactics: 'Push Them Till They Break'" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

"They are self-proclaimed enforcers of a credit economy, and they play by their own rules. No city of state agency controls them. No rules have been made to govern them. As a result, the tactics of many of Chicago's collection agencies and the people who run them are to frighten, threaten, or cajole money out of anyone they have arbitrarily labeled 'dead-beat' . . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1974-04-07

VIII-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Illinois' Absurd Election Code" - Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"The Illinois election code is a patchwork quilt of absurdities and contradictions that make honest elections practically impossible. State legislators stitched the code together over the last 30 years, inserting, deleting, and overlooking needed provisions with wild abandon. The law has become sphinxlike, challenging those authorized to administer it and to enforce it to unravel its riddles. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-18

VI-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Cracking Dem Sanctum" - William Currie - Chicago Tribune

"It was a job nobody wanted. It was a vacancy for a $20-a-day Republican clerk in the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners office in City Hall. The likelihood of a Republican ever rising above a clerk's job in an office so dominated by Democrats is very dim; so it was not a a job many would seek. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-18

Follow-up: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "List of 40 Indicted in Vote Fraud" - Pamela Zekman and William Currie - Chicago Tribune

"The 40 persons indicted for vote fraud by the federal grand jury and the violations they allegedly committed during the March primary are: . . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-17

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "U.S. Acts to Protect Vote" - George Bliss and William Mullen - Chicago Tribune

"The federal government announced formation yesterday of a special task force of prosecutors to combat Chicago vote fraud in the Nov. 7 Presidential election. Federal agents meanwhile continued to round up 40 persons named in federal grand jury indictments for vote fraud. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-17

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Kusper Reign Attacked" - George Bliss and William Currie - Chicago Tribune

"A parade of witnesses before a special Illinois House subcommittee investigating massive vote fraud told of vote buying, forgeries, phony election judges, terror tactics, and the beating of a poll watcher in Chicago precinct polling places last March. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-16

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Mass Vote Fraud Arrests" - William Mullen and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"A federal grand jury investigating vote fraud during the March primary reportedly returned 12 indictments naming 40 persons yesterday before Chief Judge Edwin A. Robson of Federal District Court. He ordered them suppressed until noon today. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-16

"Move to Divert Vote Probe Fails" - John Elmer - The Chicago Tribune

"A lone Republican joined Democrats today to try to prevent a special legislative subcomittee from launching a probe tomorrow into widespread Chicago vote fraud, but the move was blocked by Rep. Philip Collins (R., Chicago), House Elections Committee chairman. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-15

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Percy Urges FBI Probe of Vote Fraud in Chicago" - Unsigned - Chicago Tribune

"Sen. Percy (R., Ill.) today urged Atty. Gen. Richard Kleindienst to order the Federal Bureau of Investigation to examine evidence of vote fraud in Chicago and, possibly, to supervise the general election in November. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-15

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Prober Violated Law: Kusper" - George Bliss and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"Lashing out at Tribune disclosures of widespread vote fraud and election day irregularities, Kusper cited the law the reporter allegedly broke, but under sharp questioning admitted he himself has worked as an attorney on private legal matters while he has been board chairman. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-15

V-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Workers Fight to Save Jobs" - William Mullen and William Currie - Chicago Tribune

"It is not just loyalty to the Democratic Party which has spawned partisan election boards in many of Chicago's wards. More often than not, it is a matter of survival for the local Democratic precinct captains and patronage employees. The Tribune Task Force uncovered hundreds of election judges who violated election rules. Many did so out of ignorance, others, in order to survive the competitive patronage system. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-14

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "3 Are Indicted in Vote Fraud" - George Bliss - Chicago Tribune

"A 46th Ward Democratic precinct captain, his wife and the wife of his assistant precinct captain were indicted by the county grand jury yesterday for voting from a precinct where they did not live during the March primary. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-14

"20,000 Seek U.S. Marshals in Polls" - George Bliss and William Currie - The Chicago Tribune

"The signatures of 20,000 Chicago voters demanding federal marshals for the city's polling places will be presented at the White House Friday, leaders of a West Side coalition group announced yesterday at a press conference. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-13

Follow-up: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Kusper Probers 'Blind' to Fraud" - Unsigned - Chicago Tribune

"The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners pays $84,000 a year for eight full-time investigators who apparently do nothing much more than administrative work. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-13

Follow-up: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Loose Controls Permit Vote Judges to Switch Parties" - William Mullen - Chicago Tribune

"Control of Chicago election judges has been so loose in past elections that the judges take turns switching parties for each election, an investigation by The Tribune Task Force has disclosed. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-13

Follow-up: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Kusper Bars Press from Voter Files" - Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"Stanley T. Kusper Jr., chairman of the Chicago Election Board, who previous declared that his office records always are open to press and public scrutiny, shut the door yesterday on reporters' requests to examine office documents. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-13

Follow-up: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Poll Judge Violations Condoned in Election Office" - William Mullen - Chicago Tribune

"Flagrant violations of a key regulation governing the appointment of election judges have allowed hundreds of Democratic-sponsored election judges to absorb the jobs of Republican judges at polling places thruout [sic] the city, a Tribune Task Force investigation has disclosed. . ." 

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-12

IV-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Probe Shows Plight of G.O.P. Poll Judges" - George Bliss - Chicago Tribune

"The Tribune Task Force's investigation of election records in the March primary election has uncovered other reasons why many precinct election boards are manned only by Democrats. Historically, Democratic officials have countered similar revelations by saying that Republican officials fail to provide the Board of Election Commissioners with enough G.O.P. judge applicants."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-11

Sidebar: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Forgery Rampant in 7th Precinct, 24th Ward" - William Mullen and Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

"The numerous forgeries found in the 7th Precinct of the 24th Ward were so crudely done that in many cases names were misspelled on the ballot applications. Donald Doud, a handwriting expert, identified 17 ballot applications in this precinct as being executed by the same writer."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-11

Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "U.S. to Widen Vote Probe" - Ronald Yates and William Mullen - Chicago Tribune

"United States Atty. James R. Thompson said yesterday his office will widen its investigation of voting irregularities to include all wards and precincts were evidence compiled by The Chicago Tribune indicates fraud. Thompson vowed to end the widespread vote fraud as revealed in The Tribune's investigation of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-11

III-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Dem-Rule Polls Kill 2-Party System" - George Bill and William Mullen - Chicago Tribune

"Democratic Party bosses have seized control over the appointments of Republican election judges in hundreds of key precincts and have destroyed the bipartisan election system in the large areas of Chicago, a Tribune Task Force investigation has disclosed."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-11

II-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Election Board Infiltrated by Tribune's reporter" - William Mullen - Chicago Tribune

"Kusper does not want an outsider to see how his Democratic staff is handling this machinery. He doesn't want anybody to see how many thousands of nonexistent voters are registered in his files - nonexistent voters who comes from nowhere on election days to ring up Democratic votes and victories."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-10

I-"Reveal Huge Vote Fraud" - George Bliss - Chicago Tribune

"Evidence of more than 1,000 cases of election fraud in the March 21 primary election has been discovered by a Tribune Task Force reporter who worked undercover for three months in the Chicago Board of Election Commissioner's City Hall offices."

The Chicago Tribune  1972-09-10

II-Von Solbrig Task Force: "'Janitor' Helps With Patients" - William Gaines - Chicago Tribune

". . .I was a Task Force reporter, hired as a janitor at the von Solbrig Memorial Hospital, 6500 S. Polaski Rd. I had been employed to scrub and mop and throw out garbage, not to assist nurses and doctors in the sterile surgical area. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1975-09-07

I-Von Solbrig Task Force: "Filth and neglect bared at von Solbrig Hospital" - Unsigned - Chicago Tribune

"It is a critical period for a 6-year-old girl lying in an anesthetized sleep on the operating table in von Solbrig Memorial Hospital. Only minutes ago she had undergone two operations, a tonsillectomy and surgical repair of a hernia. But the only other person in the operating room is a $2-an-hour janitor, in his unsanitary working clothes, who has just put down his mop in the corridor outside and rushed in to watch over the young patient at the request of a nurse. . ."

The Chicago Tribune  1975-09-07

Reaction: "State to Act on Abortion Clinics" - Pamela Zekman and Karen Koshner - Chicago Sun-Times

Gov. Thompson announced Sunday that he will form a special task force of four state agencies to crack down on abuses in abortion clinics exposed in the Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. investigation of dangerous medical care in four facilities.

Chicago Sun Times  1978-11-13