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Subject is exactly traveled undercover

"LSE anger at BBC Panorama over North Korea trip" - BBC News

". . .'For us, this is a matter of student welfare - students were lied to, they weren't able to give their consent.'She said all LSE's future research was 'now at risk'. 'I think the trip was organised by the BBC as potentially a ruse for them to get into North Korea and that's disgraceful. They've used students essentially as a human shield in this situation.' . . ."

BBC News  2013-04-14

"Face to Face with the World's Most Repressive Regime" - David McNeill - The Independent (UK)

 " . . . But off the wide, main boulevards, stories abound of poverty and malnutrition following a botched currency revaluation last year. Food prices, which rose 10-fold after the revaluation, have reportedly fallen back to about twice their old level, bringing enormous hardship to an already crippled economy."

The Independent (UK)  2010-09-27