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Subject is exactly undercover journalist

"Anas Aremeyaw Anas: How I named, shamed and jailed" - TedTalks

TedTalks  2013-06-05

"Reporter Goes Undercover with Migrant Smuggling Gang" - Paul Kenyon - BBC News

". . .Using secret filming, he met up with an underground network charging migrants as much as £1,500 to hide them in lorries destined for mainland Europe.Some who use the service have lived illegally in the UK for years, but want to move on in the hope of finding richer pickings elsewhere in Europe. Others are thought to be fleeing the justice system. . ."

BBC News  2013-01-20

"CBS 5 Goes Undercover to Investigate Black Market Birth Control" - Lindsey Reiser - CBS 5

". . .Yerberias may be a great place to find natural remedies for whatever might be ailing you - maybe a stomachache or a headache. But CBS 5 News has learned some Valley yerberias are also a great place to find birth control, oftentimes brought here from Mexico.We asked for contraceptives at five yerberias in Phoenix, and got some at two of them, for about $20 each, without a prescription. . ."

CBS News  2012-05-08

"I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave" - Mac McClelland - Mother Jones

". . .Despite moving fast enough to get sloppy, my scanner tells me that means I'm fulfilling only 52 percent of my goal. A supervisor who is a genuinely nice person comes by with a clipboard listing my numbers. Like the rest of the supervisors, she tries to create a friendly work environment and doesn't want to enforce the policies that make this job so unpleasant. But her hands are tied. She needs this job, too, so she has no choice but to tell me something I have never been told in 19 years of school or at any of some dozen workplaces."You're doing really bad," she says. . ."

Mother Jones  2012-03-01

"A Day at the Lincoln Club: My Lunch With the Group Behind Citizens United and Prop. 32" - Matthew Fleischer - Frying Pan News

 ". . .And here I am, in the teeth of the Conservative movement, surrounded by power suits and blonde bouffants, trying to be the best Republican I can be. In preparation, I shaved my sideburns up above my ears, and slicked my hair to the side–a Chappelle’s Show parody of a white guy. I must look the part, as I spy the blondest, most-intimidating bouffant of them all making its way toward me. It belongs to Teresa Hernandez, a onetime Republican congressional candidate who tried to take Hilda Solis’ seat after Obama appointed her Secretary of Labor. Almost as soon as I sign myself in, Hernandez introduces herself. . ." 

Frying Pan News  2012-10-30

"Vietnam: Four-Year Jail Sentence For Undercover Reporting Into Police Corruption" - Unsigned - Eurasia Review

". . .Khuong, who has been held since January, was convicted of giving bribes to police officers. He was arrested after writing two stories about police corruption for which he did some undercover reporting, posing as a traffic offender pretending to bribe a policeman. . ."

Eurasia Review  2012-09-07

"Honor Rancho in L.A. Better Than Others" - Pierre Salinger - San Francisco Chronicle

In 1938, Los Angeles county opened a jail farm in the rolling foothills 40 miles north of the city of Los Angeles near the small town of Castaic. There was one barn, one shed, and two sets of barracks. Thus was the Wayside Honor Rancho born.

San Francisco Chronicle  1953-01-31