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"Real Estate Probe Built on Deception" - Henry McNulty - Hartford Courant

"The Courant staffers who showed up at real-estate offices pretended to be potential home buyers, but they were not. They used altered names, and provided other false information that masked their identities as reporters. In short, they didn't tell the truth. "In this case, was that so very wrong? Doesn't the result justify the falsehoods? . . . I say the lying was unjustified. It's not easy, or pleasant, to find fault with what The Courant did. But even when the goals are noble, and the results are positive for the community, I don't think journalists should lie."

Hartford Courant  1989-06-04

"I Investigate Lynchings" - Walter F. White - American Mercury

"Nothing contributes so much to the continued life of an investigator of lynchings and his tranquil possession of all his limbs as the obtuseness of the lynchers themselves."

American Mercury  1929-01-01