"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

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XV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The Girl Reporter of 'The Times' Concludes Her Well-Told Story; In a Few Words She Sums Up Her Experiences and Draws Certain Conclusions; Dr. Cotton a Cross-Questioner of the Court-Room Stripe--Dr. Bush a Man You May Tie To; H.N. Sneall, M.D. Suggested a Plan That Would at Least Save Himself from Disgrace; Simpson, the Notorious, Suggested by Dr. Thilo and Dr. Korsell Would Do It If It Had to Be Done; Other Physicians Who Were Weak on Some Points and Strong on Others"


"My pilgrimmage of disgrace is ended. I have consigned the habilaments of my woe, together with the collection of professional cards accumulated en voyage, to the funeral pyre and step forth thankful to have escaped with my life from the whole array of remorseless vivisectors with whetted knife and gleaming steel; steel in their hand and steal in their mind. The effect on my mind I need not describe. . . ."

XXV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"A Lady Physician Would Hold Men Accountable for Deeds of Immorality; Dr. Odelia Blinn Doubts Whether a Lying-In Hospital Would Bring About a Proper State of Things; The State Should Have Entire Control of The Numerous Medical and Charitable Institutions"


"From the time of creation women have been saddled with the whole responsibility for every species of wrong. Men have always been the moral teachers. That is how I account for such loose ideas of right and wrong throughout humanity."

XXIV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. Frank Cary Says There Is Urgent Need for an Interstate Medical Law; Miss Willard Makes an Earnest Appeal for Co-Operation in Works Which Strive for Social Purity; Members of the Medical Profession Continue to Discuss Methods of Preventing Infanticide"


"I am heart and soul against this diploma-made system of medical practice. I hope to see the time when a board of the best physicians of the state will require written examinations of every candidate for degrees, that examination be type-written, so no possible favor can be shown."

XXIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. De Wolf Says 'The Times' Has Begun the Grandest Moral Work of Modern Ages; He Believes Its Widespread Agitation of the Crime of Abortion Will Bring About Much Good; Dr. Edmond Andrews and Others Recommend Very Important Reforms in Medical Legislation"


"I have been much interested in the Infanticide articles that have appeared in your fearless journal from various parts of the country. The plea that infanticide will disappear from this free country when the ranks of medical men have been expunged of ignoramuses and the standard of education raised to a height which would meet the approbation of the most sanguine educator meets its refutation in those two facts."

XVII-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. N.S. Davis Thinks Doctors Should Be Licensed Only After Three Years' Study; Then the State Board Should Debar from Practice Those Convicted of Abortion; Dr. I.N. Danforth Commends the Measures Advocated by Dr. Belfield as Remedial Means; Taking a Humane View of it Dr. H.T. Byford Thinks a Lying-In Hospital Ought to Be Founded; An Institution Modeled After the Great Hospital at Vienna Dr. Zelater Thinks the Best Plan; The Great Responsibility of Inconsiderate Husbands from a Women's Point of View; Female Solicitors of Abortion Cases Employed by a Number of City Physicians"


"There should be incorporated in the law a clause making it imperative on the state board to revoke the license of any physician convicted on the charge of committing abortion or planning or consenting to do the same."

XXII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Judge Hortch Gives His Ideas of the Moral and Legal Responsibility; And he with Dr. H.A. Johnson, Believes Good Will Come of 'The Times''s Crusade Against Infanticide; A Scathing Letter Directed at Preachers Too Cowardly to Speak Against the Great Crime"


"We need a law that will give the board of examiners power to revoke a license for cause and that will not compel it to give a license on a diploma. We also need a law that will put these abortionists out of the way; expel them for agreeing to perform or aid in bringing about an abortion, and that will punish women for the same thing also."

XXI-"Infanticide: Seeking the Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. Justin Hayes Favors the Most Stringent Laws Against Abortionists; Arguments by Doctors and Laymen Bearing Upon the Moral, Judicial, and Medical Phases of the Evil; The Proposition to Found a Lying-In Hospital Approved; Many Diplomas Obtained Too Easily"


"I am in favor of the most stringent laws that can be passed for the punishment of abortionists. Educate the people to a higher standard of morality on this subject, making the enormity of the crime more profound, and there will be a reward worthy the effort."

XX-"Infanticide: Seeking the Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Father Butler Says There Are Almost No Cases of Abortions Among Catholics; He Thinks the Protestant Church Too Lax in Its Teachings Against Social Sins and Crimes; Needed Reforms in Methods of Medical Education -- More Suggestions from Correspondents"


"At the regular monthly meeting of the Cook county cabinet of the National union in Washington hall Saturday evening a motion was introduced directing the committee of medical examiners to investigate the charges made by The Chicago Times against certain physicians who are members of the National union and if found true such members be expelled from the order."

XIX-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. Rauch Advises Strict Enforcement of Existing Laws Against the Abortionists; An Examining Board with Authority to Ignore Diplomas Would Be a Step Forward; Dr. Charles Adams Says that New Laws Are Needed as the State Board Is Powerless; Many Point Out a Radical Revision of Sexual Ethics as the Only Certain Moral Remedy; A Medical Paper Commends 'The Times''s Articles and Denounces the Dishonorable Practitioners"


"Springfield, Ill., Dec. 28--Great excitement has been created at the capital of Illinois by THE TIMES' disclosures on the enormous prevalence of infanticide, and many conjectures are indulged in as to what action will probably be taken by the state board of health and the coming legislature to suppress this great evil of the age. It is known that Dr. Rausch of the state board of health has had various consultations with different members of that body, but up to this time the board has given no indications as to the probable course it will pursue. THE TIMES' representative called at the office of the state board of health today and discovered Dr. Rausch in the act of reading THE TIMES' most recent revelations ... "

XVIII-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Reputable Physicians Discuss the Infanticide Horror and How It May Be Stopped; Additional Power Should Be Given the State Board to Regulate Medical Practice; And All Physicians of Questionable Character Should Be Shut Out of the Profession; But the Real Remedy, It Is Agreed, Lies in a Higher Moral Education of the Young; Drs. B.N. Isham, Charles Gilman Smith, Truman W. Miller, John M. Owens, and Others On the Subject; Mrs. Julia Holmes Smith and Sarah Hackett Stevenson Express Their Views on Remedial Measures"


"Dr. Charles Gilman Smith said: "Stirring this matter up is bound to do good. It can't help it, I read Dr. Belfield's lottor, and I think it's recommendations very good, but of course the practice can never be stopped while there is a demand. So long as abortionists are patronized they will exist in the lower grade of the profession."

XVI-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. W.T. Belfield Presents His Views on the Question 'What Will Come of It'?; He Thinks the Results Will be Great and Permanent if the License Law Is Changed; State Supervision of Medical Practice and Practitioners Is an Absolute Necessity; 'The Times' Crusade Will Have Been All in Vain If It Is Not Continued by Physicians; Remarks of the Girl Reporter on the Establishment of a Lying-In Hospital; The Chicago Medical Society Investigates the Charges Against Dr. Coey; Another Brutal Operation by Higgins-Reynolds Brings a Libel Suit-- Correspondence"


"Such statements, sent for no selfish purpose, carry strong truth with them. The balance of judgment is certainly in favor of a place where unfortunates will be safe from doctors."

XIV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The Crusade Upon the Abortionists Will Lead to Much-Needed Reform; Not Only in the Medical Profession but Among the People Who Patronize Malpractice; Moral Must Be Supplemented by Legal Force in Order to Obtain the Proper Results; A Lake View Woman Dies from the Effects of an Abortion Committed About Two Weeks Ago; The Girl Reporter Indulges in a Retrospective View of the Work She Has Done; Another Batch of Physicians Visited, One of Whom Was Ready to Commit the Crime; Some Many and Christian Men Among the Number --Their Kind Advice"


"THE TIMES has gone far enough in the publication of these exposures to convince the most skeptical that it has aimed at the performance of a work which shall not be of a fleeting character. True there has been much of the sensational connected with this series of articles, but it could not have been otherwise. It is impossible to print anything of great public interest that is not tinctured more or less with sensationalism . . . "

XIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The Crusade Upon Abortionists Will Lead to Much-Needed Reform; Not Only in the Medical Profession but Among the People Who Patronize Malpractice; Moral Must Be Supplemented by Legal Force in Order to Obtain the Proper Results; A Lake View Woman Dies from the Effects of an Abortion Committed About Two Weeks Ago; The Girl Reporter Indulges in a Retrospective View of the Work She Has Done; Another Batch of Physicians Visited, One of Whom was Ready to Commit the Crime; Some Manly and Christian Men Among the Number--Their Kind Advice"


"THE TIMES has gone far enough in the publication of these exposures to convince the most skeptical that it has aimed at the performance of a work which shall not be of a fleeting character. True there has been much of the sensational connected with this series of articles, but it could not have been otherwise. It is impossible to print anything of great public interest that is not tinctured more or less with sensationalism. . . . "

XII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The Girl Reporter of 'The Times' Takes in a Batch of Physicians; Several of Them Prove to Be More than Willing to Commit Abortion; Some Ready and Anxious to Proceed with the Horrible Crime Without Any Delay; Prominent Physicians Who Have Not the Stamina to Stand Up for What They Know to Be Right; Among Them Drs. Knoll, Carr, Davis, Atwood, Tooker, and Sharpe; The Black List Rapidly Growing Larger--A Corrected Classification Up to Date; What 'The Times' Started Out to Do and What It Hopes to Accomplish Through This Inquiry; Letters Sustaining the Crusade Received from Nearly Every Reputable Physician in the City"


"...The work of exposure is not more than half-done. The pressure upon the columns of THE TIMES is so great from day to day that it is impossible to give more than a few specimen visits. Besides, it is necessary or at least advisable that as those cases are published the public may have an opportunity of digesting them thoroughly. To publish the list complete would have the effect of contesting the poular mid, the matter would soon blow over, and perhaps in a short time be forgotten."The newspaper instituted the investigation not for the purpose of creating a sensation but a mere performance of duty from which it felt, in view of the testimony sent in by reputable physicians from time to time, it could not shrink, nor is it the intention of THE TIMES now to permit this matter to drop until the real purposes for which the crusade was inaugurated shall have been consummated. One of these purposes will be found in an editorial in THE TIMES of today. It is believed that the honest people of Chicago will provide without further delay for a lying-in hospital, where girls in disgrace or married women in poverty may find a refuge in case of necessity. Another object in view is an amendment to the state law relating to medical colleges which will make legal the revocation of licenses issued to doctors after they shall have committed an offense of a criminal nature. Another is the creation of a widespread interest in a subject which demands of every honorable man and woman and every lover of this republic the most thoughtful attention that they can bestow upon it, with the view of driving out or at least checking to a great extent the monstrous social evil which if allowed to increase in the future as it has in the past, will result in the demoralization and the degeneration of the American people."

XI-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The Investigation Leads to the Unearthing of a Most Atrocious Crime; A Woman Compelled to Undergo a Brutal Operation at the Hands of Dr. Simpson; Dr. Peter Arndt Was Ready to Perform an Abortion for One Hundred Dollars; Drs. Ludlam and Hurst Pass Through Safely -- Dr. Lewis Puts Up Safeguards; More Testimonials--Dr. Gwynne, Dr. Belfield, and the Girl Reporter the Recipients; The Latter Presented with a Gold Pen by Students of the College of Dental Surgery; Record of Dr. Higgins Who Figures in This Exposure--A Ruffianly Career; The Inquiry Taking a Wider Range and the Interest Growing Stronger in All Directions"


"THE TIMES has evidence of one of the most damnable cases of abortion that could possibly be imagined. IT is undoubtedly, only one of many such and shows more than anything which could be said just how far the villainy of a doctor will extend in order to obtain patients when he enters into this practice of crime, cruelty and death."In the letter of Dr. P.H. Cronin, published Thursday, occurred this sentence: "'One of the men mentioned by you is known to have performed an abortion at the command of a husband despite the supplication of the poor mother that her offspring be spared.' . . . "

X-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Another Medical Man in the Employment of the City Falls by the Wayside; Coey is the Man and a Charitable View of His Case Does Not Make It Look Well; Dr. A.B. Bausman Was Eager to Perform the Atrocious Crime of Child-Murder Also; Physicians Who Passed Through the Ordeal with Credit to Their Profession; The Girl Reporter Proceeds to Scald Those Eminent Physicians Chamberlin and Hale; Another Presentation of Flowers to a Physician Who Proved Himself to Be Above Temptation; Testimonials and Indorsements from the Physicians of Chicago Continue to Pour in Upon 'The Times'"


"Had Dr. A. B. Bausman obeyed his first inclination he would have shaken off the temptation. Asit was he dallied fatally and when he attempted to cast it off it had taken and his case was a straight one. He thought a little while, changed his chair, breathed very hard, started to say he could not, got as far as to say he did not think he could."'Why?' I asked...."

IX-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The Practice of Abortion Is Driving Honorable Medical Practitioners to the Rear; Young Physicians and Comparative Strangers Reaping a Rich Harvest; The Scandanavian Medical Society Adopts Vigorous Resolutions Approving the Inquiries; Dr. Hobart Lectures on 'The Times' Expose at the Chicago Homeopathic College; The Students Present Him and the Girl Reporter with Magnificent Floral Tributes; The Latter Continues Her Story and Brings Down Some More Game; What the Medical and Medico-Legal Societies Will Probably Do in the Premises; Letters of Indorsement from Some More of the Leading Physicians of Chicago and Elsewhere"D a


"...The question naturally arises, 'How far can this investigation go?' It is developing from day to day to such an extent that where to stop is becoming a problem."

VIII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. C.C.P. Silva Dismissed in Disgrace from His Position as Police Surgeon; Another Retrospective Glance at the Work Accomplished by 'The Times'; The Black List of Unprincipled Physicians Growing Larger Every Day; But men of Sterling Character Are Found in One of the Noblest Professions; Indorsements and Encouraging Letters Pouring In From All Directions to This Journal; The Girl Reporter Continues her Story and Shows Up Another Scoundrel; Dr.s Hale and Chamberlin Make Explanations That Will Hardly Hold Water; A Visit to Colwell's Lying-In Hospital --The Law Concerning the Crime of Abortion"


"Dr. C.C.P. Silva, the surgeon of hte police department who has attracted some attention in the last few days from his prominence in the infanticide articles in THE TIMES, was yesterday summarily dismissed from the public service by order of Mayor Roche. So far as the mayor was concerned, it was a very quiet proceeding, for as near as could be learned he simply sent for Supt. Hubbard and told him to inform the doctor that his services were no longer needed in the department, and that his name had been dropped from the city's pay-roll. The cause of his dismissal was, of course, the position he had been placed in by the investigations now being prosecuted by THE TIMES, and he may be said to have been a victim of his own conduct. . . . "

VII-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. Hale's Letter of Introduction to the Young Girl Reporter; It Would Land Her in a Very Respectable Institution Where the Job Could Be Done; His Dose of Pills, Which Were to Be Taken as a Mere Technicality, or Rather as a Blind; The Prescription Given by Dr. T. Heuching, the German Scientist; It Said One Thing, Meant Another, and a Very Serious and Criminal Thing; Some More Physicians Who Would Engage in Child Murder if They Had a Chance; And Some of Whom the Decent People of Chicago May Well Feel Proud; Action of the Chicago Medical Society -- 'The TImes' Indorsed Again"


"Will they or their friends claim that I took unfair advantage of them? How an they? Could I possibly have pleaded as hard as a woman who was really introuble? I could not. I have learned in this newspaper work to dissemble to seem one thing and be another -- and I think I have learned it well. But I cannot feel what I am not. It requires Amelie Rives [ed: prolific poet, novelist] to do that and I am no phenomenal genius. . . . "

VI-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The President of the Medico-Legal Society Indorses 'The Times'; Approbation from a Quarter Where the Imperative of the Disclosures Is Understood; The Girl Reporter's Narrative Continued and More Startling Revelations Made; Physicians Who Stand Among the Highest Detected in Their Crimes; A Brief Resume of the Work Done UP to Date by the Inquiry of This Newspaper; The Inquiry Will Be Extended and Bring About Serious Consequences for Some of the Doctors"


"It has been noticed by readers of The TImes that while some of the physicians already approached declined to commit child murder themselves they very kindly suggested the names of other practitioners who would be accommodating in that direction. . . . "

V-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"A Curse That Is Blighting American Society and Blasting American Homes; It Destroys the Offspring of Natives and Leaves to Others the Task of Raising Children; Thousands Upon Thousands of Abortions Committed Annually in the City of Chicago; Midwives and Reputable Physicians Engaged in the Practice of Child-Murder; Doctors Who Would Not Be Tempted and Many Who Were but Too Willing to Take Blood Money; Stanley Ely, Simpson, and Police Surgeon Silva Were Ready for Business; A Woman Physician Who Set a Noble Example to Her Male Brethren in the Profession


" ... The frightful spectacle of a physician sitting calmly in his office and telling how in consideration of a fee, he would butcher the legitimate or the illegitimate offspring of a mother, is not one easily forgotten. . . . Barbarous! No, for the barbarian does not do this . . . "

IV-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"The Shocking Results of the Inquiry Up to the Present Time; A List of the Midwives Who Are Engaged in the Practice of Abortion; Dr. Norman Bridge Indignantly Declines to Meddle with Such Cases -- Doctors Who Consent; The Story of the Female Reporter Who Took Part in the Investigation; She Found the Drs. Emile Siegmund, E. W. Edwards, and the Brute Chaffee Were in the Business; Some Startling Revelations Concerning the Extent of the Practice in Chicago


"The Girl Reporter's Story: She Visits Dr. Emile Siegmund and Tells How She was Received: In company with my reportorial comrade, who went in the guise of 'my friend,' I started forth to test experimentally what treatment a girl whose chastity had been blighted but who was not yet publicly disgraced would receive from phyisicians in the city. "My story was a simple one. My home was in another city, where no one, not even my parents, knew of my shame. My purpose was to conceal it from them. Consequently, I had come to the city ostensibly to study art, but intending to undergo any medical treatment assured to be safe that promised release from the conspicuousness of guilt. . . "

III-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. F.H. Thurston of 8018 Indiana Avenue Would be Accommodating; He Has a Prosperous Practice Among the Ladies and Is Quite Cautious, but Would Fix it All Right; With a Few Exceptions All the Professional Midwives in Chicago are Abortionists; Child-Murder, a Common Practice and Looked Upon in a Matter-of-Fact Sort of Way; The Peculiar Gratitude of a Betrayed Wife Whose Husband Has Ruined Her Slater."


"There are 263 midwives mentioned in the last city directory, and there are probably more than 300 in the city, and a large number of these were visited. In no case was any indignation expressed at the proposition made. All of them knew how it could be done safely. And while a few, not more than five or six, refused to commit themselves, all gave as a reason for not practicing abortion that it was liable to get them into trouble. The terrors of the law, which they spoke of as being in the way of a most philanthropic profession, seemed to be the only check on a universal practice of abortion among all the midwives visited."

II-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Child-Murder Practiced as One of the Fine Arts in Chicago: How the Midwives Look Upon Abortion and with What Ease They Can Be Hired to Perform It; Several of the Well-Known Madames Consent to Commit Brutal Crimes for Small Pay; Physicians Called in to Assist When Necessary -- One of Them Named by a Midwife; The Preliminary Story Gives Indication of What May Be Expected to Follow


"...She appeared to be under 40 and was intelligent and disposed to be very cautious until the reporter made known his mission in a straightforward, pathetic manner. he came to secure a place where a young lady relative must be saved from the disgrace that would fall upon her and a proud, happy family if she were permitted to become a mother. She could not remain in the city till nature made her a mother in due time and give birth to the child in the usual way. Nature must be assisted by one of the numerous methods scientific people like the madame know so well. . . . "

I-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Infanticide: The Revelation Resulting from an Investigation Made by 'The Times;' Child Murder Committed to an Appalling Extent in Chicago; Leading Physicians and Well-Known Midwives Involved in the Crime; The Lives Choked Out of Little Ones on the Very Threshold of Existence; A Series of Articles Giving Names and Addresses That Will Astonish the People."


"Well, the TIMES has found it necessary to make an investigation into the condition of affairs in Chicago, and the result will be laid before its readers. Horrible crimes are being perpetrated here daily. The victims are the unborn or the born babes of mothers, married and single. They tell no tales. There are no coroner's inquests. They are disposed of so quietly that they do not cause a ripple in the social stream. Prominent physicians and well-known midwives are engaged to commit murders and they commit them without compunction of conscience. Abortions are performed for a price by some of the leading physicians. There are specialists in this line who will choke the life out of a babe at its entrance into this value of ears. The TIMES never publishes anything on hearsay, and never charges a crime upon men or women without giving names and addresses. "In the course of the investigation, some startling, shocking truths will be told. The TIMES has undertaken to crush out a fiendish practice and if a number of people who have heretofore been considered respectable, but who by the most abominable and villainous of practices have subjected themselves to public . . . "