Follow-up: Walter Reed - "Soldier Finds Comfort at Dark Journey's End" - Anne Hull and Dana Priest - Washington Post

Byline: Anne Hull, Dana Priest; 2007-06-17; The Washington Post; pages A13

Report: "The Other Walter Reed" - Dana Priest and Anne Hull - Washington Post


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"At the start of this year, Blackwood, 41, took on a new job as the chief of media relations for the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, based in Crystal City. No one knew that loud noises would trigger a panic attack for her, that she was barely sleeping or eating, or that she was clawing her forearms so fiercely the blood sometimes soaked through her sleeves."

Description:This article focuses PTSD-patient Lt. Sylvia Blackwood and her difficulty getting treatment at Ward 3D East of the District of Columbia VA Medical Center.

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A photo of Sylvia Blackwood, the subject of the Washington Post article, "Soldier Finds Comfort at Dark Journey's End."

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Washington Post article titled, "Soldier Finds Comfort at Dark Journey's End." Written by Anne Hull and Dana Priest.