Follow-up: Walter Reed - "A Wife's Battle" - Anne Hull and Dana Priest - Washington Post

When Her Soldier Returned From Baghdad, Michelle Turner Picked Up the Burden of War

Byline: Anne Hull, Dana Priest; 2007-10-14; The Washington Post; pages A1

Report: "The Other Walter Reed" - Dana Priest and Anne Hull - Washington Post


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"Michelle has spent hundreds of hours at the library researching complicated VA policies and disability regulations. 'You need two college degrees to understand any of it,' she says, lacking both. She scavenges information where she can find it. A psychotic Vietnam vet she met in a VA hospital was the one who told her that Troy might be eligible for Social Security benefits. Meanwhile, there are clothes to wash, meals to cook, kids to get ready for school and a husband who is placidly medicated or randomly explosive. Besides PTSD, Michelle suspects that Troy may have a brain injury, which could explain how a 38-year-old man who used to hunt and fish can lose himself in a three-day "Scooby-Doo" marathon on the Cartoon Network."

Description:Another article about the mental health of soldiers returning from war, this one focusing on Michelle Turner, the wife of Army scout Troy Turner and her struggles to help her husband cope not only with Walter Reed's bureaucracy but with the minutiae of everyday life.

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A photo of Troy and Michelle Turner, the subjects of a Washington Post article titled, "A Wife's Battle."

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Anne Hull and Dana Priest's Washington Post article titled, "A Wife's Battle."