II-"Seven Days in the Madhouse!" - Frank Smith - Chicago Daily Times

Reporter Takes Kankakee 'Water Cure'

Byline: Frank Smith; 1935-07-16; Chicago Daily Times; pages 3

Report: "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" - Frank Smith - Chicago Daily Times

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Fifteen hours in a tub of dirty flowing river water. Fifteen hours soaking in the turbid, unfiltered, unsterilized mud wash of the Kankakee river, while pleas for antiseptic to protect open wounds on my hands and arms, sustained in my struggle with attendants, went unheeded. Fifteen hours watching violent patients wander about the hydrotherapy ward, until, captured, they were wrapped mummy-fashion in wet sheets and blankets, or tied in tubs like myself. Worst of all, a stomach-retching spectacle of sadistic brutality.   

Description:In this second installment to the series, Smith describes in detail his stay in Kankakee's hydrotherapy ward, where he was strapped into a tub of dirty river water for fifteen hours.

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Chicago Daily Times article titled, "Reporter Takes Kankakee 'Water Cure.'"Written by Frank Smith as part of his series, "Seven Days in the Madhouse!"