II-"Cries for Help from Aged Answered with Brutality" - Task Force - Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

Byline: Pamela Zekman; 1971-03-01; The Chicago Tribune; pages 1

Report: Nursing Home Exposé - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"The man and woman had been herded into the bathroom of the North Side nursing home and now they stood naked, facing each other in helpless humiliation. Shivering and self-conscious, the two patients had responded almost mechanically to the orders to undress, barked by a nurse's aide. 'Goddamn it, hurry up. I have no time for you," the aide snapped when they hesitated a moment. The woman stood silent, staring at the floor. Then in a final desperate effort to salvage some dignity from the incident, she clutched a thin sweater to her breasts and protested: 'But he's not my boyfriend' . . ."

Description:Part of the Tribune's investigation into local nursing homes, this article reveals the verbal and emotional abuse endured by the elderly at the hands of nurses, nurses' aides and other home staffers.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Cries for Help from Aged Answered with Brutality." Written by Pamela Zekman as part of the nursing home exposé.