III-"Nursing Home's Shaving Time Becomes Torture for Patient" - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

A Simple Shave Becomes Torture

"The young man had just begun to mop the filthy floor of the South Side nursing home when he was summoned by a nurse's aide. "Hold this guy's head or I'll never get him shaved," the aide ordered. The old man, his body crippled by a nervous disorder that caused his arms and head to jerk uncontrollably, hadn't been shaved in a week. It was a difficult task at best and today it would quickly become an ordeal. . ."

Description:Part of the Tribune Investigative Task Force's series about Chicago-area nursing homes, this article recounts the anecdote of a nurse's aide at Monterey-Drexel Home carelessly shaving a patients face with dull razors and other unsanitary practices.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Nursing Home's Shaving Time Becomes Torture for Patient." Written as part of the nursing home exposé.