IVA-"Crippled and Elderly Patients Abused in North Side Home" - Task Force - Philip Caputo - Chicago Tribune

Byline: Philip Caputo; 1971-03-03; The Chicago Tribune; pages 2

Report: Nursing Home Exposé - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"The toothless old woman, her shoulders bent by age and disease, stood in the kitchen doorway staring at two nurse's aides drinking coffee. Her request was a simple one: she wanted a cup. "Well, you can't have any," one of the aides responded. "Why not?" asked the woman, her arthritic hands clutching a metal walker. "Shut up, frog mouth; we're runnin' this kitchen," the aide snapped. The woman stood expressionless for a moment, then shuffled away to her room. . ."

Description:A part of the Tribune Task Force's investigation into Chicago nursing homes, reporter Philip Caputo worked as a maintenance man at Beacon Side Nursing home and reported on the maltreatment he witnessed there.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Crippled and Elderly Patients Abused in North Side Home." Written by Philip Caputo as part of the nursing home exposé.