XIII-"Undercover Teacher" - George N. Allen - New York World Telegram and Sun

Salary Leaves Little Room For Any Professional Pride

Byline: George N. Allen; 1958-11-28; New York World-Telegram and Sun; pages 21

Report: "Undercover Teacher" - George N. Allen - New York World Telegram & Sun

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Fortunately for me, I didn't have to live on my teacher's salary during the two months I taught at John Marshall Junior High in Brooklyn.My take home par was approximately $60 a week. As was reported at the start of this series, I spent not one penny of my salary. It's safely banked in a savings account and will be turned over to a teacher's fund or spent in some manner in the interests of the city school children.

Description:In the thirteenth installment of George Allen's "Undercover Teacher" series for the New York World-Telegram and Sun, he writes about the meager salaries and other obstacles facing New York City's teachers.

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New York World Telegram and Sun article titled, "Salary Leaves Little Room for Any Professional Pride." Written by George N. Allen as part of his "Undercover Teacher" series.