"U.S. Charges State Abortion Aid Abuse" - Ellen Warren - Chicago Sun-Times

Byline: Ellen Warren; 1978-11-23; Chicago Sun Times; pages 3

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In a letter to Gov. Thompson, [Healh, Education and Welfare Secretary] Califano said that HEW paid the $1 million but now intends to get it back. At issues are the provisions of the "Hyde Amendment" to the HEW budget, which, since Aug. 4, 1977, has prohibited federal spending for Medicaid abortions except when strict criteria are met.

Description:A Sun-Times' correspondent in Washington reports that Illinois' Department of Public Health fraudulently received over 1 million dollars in Medicaid reimbursements for abortions.

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Chicago Sun-Times article titled, "U.S. Charges State Abortion Aid Abuse." Written by Ellen Warren.