Reaction: "Medic Blames State for Abortion Clinic Abuses" - Charles N. Wheeler and G. Robert Hillman - Chicago Sun-Times

Byline: Charles N. Wheeler III, G. Robert Hillman; 1978-11-29; Chicago Sun Times; pages 7

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Springfield, Ill. - The chairman of the Illinois State Medical Society Tuesday blamed the state for poor conditions in abortion clinics. Testifying before a special Senate subcommittee examining some of the abortion abuses uncovered recently by the Sun-Times and the Better Government Assn., Dr. Robert Hartman, chairman of the medical society's board of directors, urged the state Departments of Public Health and of Registration and Education to better enforce the law regulating abortion clinics and doctors.

Description:In a reaction to the Sun-Times' "Abortion Profiteers" series, a lack of oversight by the state is to blame for poor care provided by Chicago-area abortion clinics.

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Chicago Sun-Times article titled, "Medic Blames State for Abortion Clinic Abuses." Written by Charles N. Wheeler and G. Robert Hillman as part of the reaction to the paper's "Abortion Profiteers" series.