V-"Juvenile Prison: Society's Stigma" - Ben Bagdikian - Washington Post

Byline: Ben H. Bagdikian; 1972-02-03; The Washington Post; pages A1 & A12

Report: "The Shame of the Prisons"- Ben Bagdikian - Washington Post

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". . . The price list is posted in big red letters for every kid in the classroom to see.  Coffee break? $40.  Sit in the teacher's swivel chair for a whole period? $20.  Take a trip to the library for a book? Only 50 cents.  Get out of here entirely? $7,875.  You don't have the money? Just sign one of these contracts. "I will remain in my sear during the testing period. I will not talk to other wards..." up to $50 payment. "I will not fight with Chuck over the TV program"–$100.  "I will write out as closely as I can remember exactly what I said and exactly what Chuck said when we fought and then I will write out what I could have said to avoid a fight and still get my point across." –$300 . . ."

Description:An article about the conditions of the juvenile prison system in the US, focusing on different theories of reform.

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Washington Post article titled, "Juvenile Prison: Society's Stigma." Written by Ben Bagdikian as part of the Shame of the Prisons series.