VIII-"An Agenda for Reform of a Hell Behind Walls" - Ben Bagdikian - Washington Post

Byline: Ben H. Bagdikian; 1972-02-06; The Washington Post; pages A1 & A16

Report: "The Shame of the Prisons"- Ben Bagdikian - Washington Post

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". . . When you turned down Fourth Street you saw all the usual clues: the 14-food cyclone fence with escapeproof top, the 51/2-inch window frames looking normal but precisely to small for the passage of the human head, the high intensity lights around the perimeter. But something was wrong. The gate was wide open and nobody was guarding it. . ."

Description:Ben H. Bagdikian's personal assessment of DC's corrections department, written at the conclusion of his series on the subject.

Rights: Copyrighted, used with permission.

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Washington Post article titled, "An Agenda for Reform of a Hell Behind Walls." Written by Ben Bagdikian as part of the Shame of Prisons series.