I-"A Human Wasteland In the Name of Justice" - Ben Bagdikian - Washington Post

Byline: Ben H. Bagdikian; 1972-01-29; The Washington Post; pages A1 & A16

Report: "The Shame of the Prisons"- Ben Bagdikian - Washington Post

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". . . If today is average, 8,000 American men, women, and children for the first time in their lives will enter locked cages in the name of justice.  If theirs is an average experience they will, in addition to any genuine justice received, be forced into programs of psychological destruction.  If they serve sentences most of them will not be by decision of judges acting under the Constitution but by casual bureaucrats acting under no rules whatever; they will undergo a significant probability of forced homosexualism, and they will emerge from this experience a greater threat to society than when they went in.  . ."

Description:The first article in the Shame of Prisons series is an overview if the major challenges and shortcomings of the American corrections system.

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Washington Post article titled, "A Human Wasteland In the Name of Justice." Written by Ben Bagdikian as part of the Shame of Prisons series.