VII-Von Solbrig Task Force: "Hospital Proves a Costly Haven for Alcoholics" - Task Force Report - Chicago Tribune

Task Force Report

Byline: Task Force Report; 1975-09-10; The Chicago Tribune; pages 1

Report: Von Solbrig Hospital - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"For the alcoholic deperate for a cure, the hospital is a sham, the treatment a cruel joke. For the welfare loafer eager for a free ride, it is a $78-a-day hotel where a person can float for days on powerful tranquilizers. And for the taxpayer, Northeast Community Hospital is an expensive charade that squanders valuable Medicaid dollars. . ."

Description:From editor's note: "Thousands of alcoholics every year, most of them on public aid, go thru the alcoholism treatment center at Northeast Community Hospital, a haven for welfare loafers and often a waste of time for patients who seek help. Conditions inside the hospital are described in this last article in a series by Task Force Director Pamela Zekman and reporters Jay Branegan, William Crawford and William Gaines." In order to research this story, reporter William Crawford posed as an alcoholic and was admitted to Northeast Community Hospital for "treatment."

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Hospital Proves a Costly Haven for Alcoholics." Written by the Task Force Report Team as part of the Task Force Report.